Saturday, February 8, 2014

PDX Pretzel Throw Down: Girasole Pizza

Not the best of pretzel photography, but I could not let this stop me from adding Girasole's wood-fired pretzel to the Throw Down. It's always a good day when you find a pretzel in a non-pretzel serving location. This time it was a pizzeria in St. Johns. These pretzels are clearly made by hand by people who make pizza on the reg - hence the hand-crafted unique shapes.  They're boiled, salted and fired in the oven along with the wonderful pizzas Girasole pumps out. The pretzels come with a BOWL of warm white cheddar-jalapeno cheese dipping sauce, which is how dips should be served anyway. Just to give you a perspective, the bowl of cheese is the same size as the pretzel. This makes me happy considering the only other joint in town that does this is my favorite

Husband and friends BeckyBeau and myself enjoyed the first one so much we ordered a second.
Girasole's rendition of the pretzel does not include lye or mustard - it's about soft, pillowy dough, a chewy crust, some salt and glorious tangy-creamy cheese sauce. And how can you say no to that?

Girasole Pizza
8438 N Lombard
Portland, OR


Joyti said...

When I go back to Portland, I'm going to comb through your blog and make a list of places to try. Especially in regards to almond croissants.

The pretzel actually looks pretty delicious!

Banana Wonder said...

Joyti - YES. Deschutes for a pretzels and Nuvrei for an almond croissant no questions asked!