Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013: Stuff that didn't get blogged, East Coast weirdness roundup and What my husband makes other than nachos

Mixed berry coconut buttermilk bread inspired by Souvlaki for the Soul

I don't know how to really sum up 2013 in one consolidated entry, so I'm breaking it up into three parts: 

1) Good ol' food blogging! What didn't get posted in 2013.
2) This West Coast bird's take on East Coast lifestyle. Living in the Philly burbs for almost a year: here's my 2013 photo essay. On a side note, what's up with West Coast people saying y'all lately? 
3) A first full year of marriage and what my husband can whip up besides nachos (he is not a one trick nacho pony although he makes a mean nacho). 

So, here is 2013 is nutshell, and happy 2014 to everyone!

Vegan pineapple carrot muffins. They were moist, naturally sweet with a good crumb, but so unphotogenic! 

Spicy, refreshing blackberry summer salad. I scored some local (Blue Bell, PA) blackberries and wanted to do something fun with these tart beauties. This salad was so refreshing and delicious I ate the entire plate! I hope to make this again with Oregon marionberries.

 Rustic hortopita with spelt-yogurt crust. Instead of using phyllo, I made this dough with spelt flour and Greek yogurt. The phyllo was a mix of leafy greens (kale, collard greens, and spinach) with a tad bit of Dodoni feta.  It was quite hearty and very healthy!

 Vegan Coleslaw: I just loved this salad and hope to blog it with proper photos. Instead of mayo (can I get an eeewwwwww!), tahini-olive oil-lemon juice was used. It was so mouthwatering and filling!

2013 East Coast Weirdness

I lived just outside Philadelphia for the majority of 2013. It's a different world from the West Coast. People, culture, food, guard men...

 Guard at the 76s game. I was more distracted by his outfit (and hardcore 76s fans) than the game. Sadly, the Blazers lost this, but 2014 means revenge. #RipCity. I can't help myself.

Snow wine. The best way to keep white wine chilled, al fresco.  

A little taste of Tex Mex in the Philly burbs.  

 Wait, am I in Portland or Philly? 

One day at work I walked into the break room to find doughnuts and butter...? Seriously guys?  

More butter here and a tweaker rabbit to boot. Made in Pennsylvania, of course. 

This is not weird, just beautiful! A nice place to stay in the Finger Lakes on an unromatic romance with one of my best friends Jessica, who came from Southern California to visit the cold.  

White cats and cider tasting. Mind blown! Bellweather Hard Cider, Finger Lakes, NY some of the best cider I've ever had. 

If aqua net was for pies, this meringue would be the poster child. Starved of cafes, I'd frequent Tabora Farms in Lansdale, PA for comfort. The lemon meringue pies were just out of this planet.

Ham and craft beer tasting. This was actually my idea. Bad idea! 

One of my favorite places in Philadelphia. How can you not want to go into a Happy Birthday Bar? My friend Debra and I found this while urban hiking from the Italian Market in South Philly. We walked in to everyone drinking cans of Bohemian and some sort of house shot. At times, patrons would get up to man the bar while the owner took breaks. You even get a free cake vodka shot if it's your birthday. 

Where to start about Pennsylvania made wine? Maybe we can start here, with tea infused wine. 

Or we can start with wine in paint buckets called "White Wash." PDX stands for ParADocx... as in two doctors who started a winery. 

I can never get enough of Amish made treats.  

Probably the best pretzel city pretzel shape invention.  

The banana whip addition started thanks to Arnold's Way in Lansdale, PA. So creamy and delightful and  vegan! Just what a girl who worked in the meat industry needed. Everyday. Arnold is my soul mate!

Sorry to gross you out, but I found snapping turtle road kill on a bike-walk! My former boss got dibs on the shell once the body has rotted. 

Oh, birch beer! I never caught on, but I had fun making birch beer cupcakes. Apparently it made news in Tampa, Florida.

I can't NOT mention Wawa. The best convenience store/ gas station in America. Also, some damn fine pretzels. Shown is typical on the go PA breakfast/lunch/snack. 

Harsh living condition in the Philly burbs. 

 There is no doubt in my mind the husband and I will dearly miss Franzone's. After trying pies and pies around town, we never looked back after (or around) after our first slice. Touted as the best cheapest pie in Philly. I still can't get over the $12 price for a plain pie (translation: plain = cheese).  

So good that I'm throwing another shot of one of their pies up here. This beauty is called "Old Fashioned" with onions and white American cheese. This pie will ruin your life in a good way.

I have to give broccoli rabe a shout out. Just don't flip that b upside down or I'll call the cops. 

Stuff my husband makes besides nachos

Crockpot. His signature move is whole brussels sprouts. 

Epic smores! 

24 hour cold brew toddy coffee

Thanks again for stopping by and best wishes to you in 2014!


Ivy said...

Thanks for sharing this fun post:) Wishing you and your hubby A Happy New Year!

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