Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stay Calm and Avoid Bleeding Animal Products for 49 Days: On Being Greek Orthodox

What, no food pic? (Greek Orthodox Church in Norristown, PA)

Per a recent instagram post, some have asked, oh, did you give up raw fish for Lent? I went out with this spicy tuna sundae bang and it was damn good, and damn fun with my new Philly friend @MarissaGilbert.

A dream I share with cats: Tuna Sundae 
Let it be known I am Greek American Greek Orthodox and I thoroughly participate in traditional Greek Orthodox Lent fasting, which means no bleeding animal products for the next 49 days. I love this time of year! I love being vegan (plus a non bleeding animal eater - octopus 4-eva). It brings me back to a time in my life where I hit rock bottom and found a healing sanctuary in Los Angeles, and of all places - a church! It brought me back to life and for that, I am forever grateful for my Greek Orthodox faith. I follow this fasting ritual as a way to show gratitude and to ground myself as means to appreciate everything I have. To celebrate, I'm busting out some of my favorite vegan recipes from the past year. This year will be especially awkwardly awesome since I work in the meat industry. Stay tuned!

Olive Oil Pretzels with Ouzo Mustard (some people fast from olive oil too, I do not)


Anonymous said...

Hello Ana. We follow your always interesting approach to food and life all the way from Toronto, Ontario. My wife and I also look forward to Great Lent for a variety of reasons; beyond the primary purpose of spiritual cleansing, we agree with you that it is an exciting period of eating delicious and very healthy food. Kali Sarakosti! Themis and Ioanna

Banana Wonder said...

Geia sou Themis kai Ioanna - Thank you for your wonderful comment! Looking forward to discussing sarakosti with you! I might extend it for a few months over this year - just because I love it so much!

Anonymous said...

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