Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Origin Of Taste Small Batch Love Story

Origin of Taste is a charming new start-up company based out of Portland, Oregon. An online retailer of specialty food, committed to supporting the work of small-batch artisans and sharing products through whimsical storytelling and product description. I am hooked! So, I'm sharing their recent blog post  announcing a storytelling contest for love day (as well as the goodies involved): 
You said, that January, in the after-midnight silence of your dormitory room 
while it snowed outside, “Again, someday, maybe in ten years.”
Now, ten years and more have passed and I don’t know where you live; 
only in dreams does the too-serious intensity of our young love return to me. 
We had what all the others hope and long for: we left it behind at nineteen.
Portland made Woodblock Chocolate
Bonbons made in a batch of ten. Coffee at five pounds per roast. A romance recounted in only three sentences. The beauty of the small-batch process lies in knowing that with each piece, each bar, each bag you buy, the artist was involved every step of the way. Between batches, the small differences are a symbol of natural labor and perhaps a sign of experimentation; these necessary imperfections just bring us closer to the artist, increasing our knowledge and love of their work. The small-batch process is one of increasing intimacy — between the ingredients and the artist who melds them, between the artist and the connoisseur, between the connoisseur and the food they can trace back to an origin. 

In the spirit of small-scale perfection, Portland based Origin Of Taste invites you to share a love story told in not more than three sentences.
To enter the contest, follow these steps:
1. Sign up for the e-newsletter
2. Like on facebook
3. Submit your story to the Origin of Taste facebook wall or tweet it to @originoftaste (but, then it would only be 140 characters?!). 
The love story can be about whatever it is that you love — another person, your pet, inanimate objects, food, whatever (just keep it clean, or at least dirty but subtle). Submissions are accepted through February. 14th, 2013. Winner will receive an assortment of small-batch chocolates, enough to make anyone swoon: One 5-piece bonbon sampler from Pearl Chocolate, one 4-bar set from Woodblock Chocolate, and a 3 mini gourmet candy bar sampler from Bees & Beans. Good luck!

Use code "BANANAWONDER" at checkout for 15% off any purchase on the site (expires Feb. 28th, 2013).

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