Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fried Plantains with Feta Sour Cream and Black Bean Hummus

Plantains deserve far more love than they currently get - potatoes are for the birds, plantains for the people! Whenever the classic plantain/black beans/crema combination is spotted on a menu, it's all mine! But I need to work on bringing these babies into the household since this Pennsylvania Dutch territory. And it's been forever since I made a plantains, cocoa nibs, cashews and feta salad. It was perfect timing in the middle of a cold, mid Atlantic winter, to make plantains. Instead of the traditional black beans and crema, I made black bean hummus and feta sour cream (topped with cocoa nibs and cashews). Feta sour cream is what's up! Ultra tangy with a lot of spunk - to contrast the sweet, warm plantains. So, when I can't make it out to the best celebrity chef restaurants on the block for fusion cuisine, this is the somewhat Greek-fusion I make at home. 

Fried Plantains with Feta Sour Cream and Black Bean Hummus
serves two hungry people

1 ripe plantain
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Feta Sour Cream
1/3 cup sour cream
1/4 cup feta

Black Bean Hummus
1 can black beans
1 tablespoon tahini
1 clove garlic, diced
1/2 lime, juiced
1 tsp salt
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh cilantro

roasted cashews
cocoa nibs
fresh cilantro, chopped

Slice them up. Heat oil to medium high in a large skillet. Add plantains and fry for about 3 minutes on each side or until browned to liking. 

Feat Sour Cream
Whip feta and sour cream up in a food processor together! Add more of each if you want some for later (you probably will!).

Black Bean Hummus
Blend all ingredients up in a food processor. Add more olive oil or bean liquor to smooth out if needed.

Assemble ingredients - sprinkle cashews and cocoa nibs on cream, and sprinkle cilantro on everything else.


elly said...

Seriously, your fusion meals are totally amazing. We have been eating a TON of plantains lately, and now I must have this feta sour cream you speak of with them next time.

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

I agree with Elly...your fusion meals are spot on!

Banana Wonder said...

elly - Thank you! LOve those plantains - are they the new potato? I hope so!

Peter - Hah, well, I gotta do my part in representin' for the States.

Sippity Sup said...

Add caviar and this is one of my favorite little appies for a party! GREG

Banana Wonder said...

Greg - Whoa! Never thought of the cav - that just tops it all.

Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy said...

Feta sour cream! Wow I have never tried that but I know that I need it in my life.
In fact - I think I need all of this in my life.