Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tomasita's - Santa Fe, NM

guac city

On day two of cross country relocation road trip, JT and I stopped over in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a quick visit and dinner. I've always had a majestic desert fantasy that Sante Fe would merit some biblical experience for me, but it just wasn't happening in the four hours I was there (maybe next time?), although overpriced turquoise and wealthy looking retiree tourists were. Maybe because I was right in the city center? While having an incredibly smooth and refreshing Agave Way - red grape and New Mexico green chile tequila based cocktail - at Secreto Lounge, I asked asked mixologist aka for dining recs. He mentioned Tomasita's among the few trusted places inter city establishments. 

Naturally, when you're really, really hungry, you want a heaping bowl of guac, right? Plus, how could anyone not have blue corn tortilla chips while in NM? Done and done. The guacamole was extremely fresh and satisfying, but nothing extrodinarily special from the norm. 

My husband ordered the local Santa Fe Nut Brown, which surprisingly came with a lime slice. If anything, it was extremely refreshing, especially for a dark beer. 

Santa Fe brew

We each had a puffy sopaipilla with honey butter to gnash through before our main courses arrived. It was the perfect amount of chewy warm dough, air and crispness. I would eat one everyday if I could. 

sopaipilla magic

My husband got a combination plate with a taco, enchilada and chile relleno, the later two smothered in their signature red sauce. The sauce was aggressive, but the heavy dose of cheese (and a side of sour cream we requested) helped to balance everything. 

I got a stuffed sopaipilla filled with roasted vegetables. Having the choice between a mild green chile and a medium heat red chile sauce, I went red. I really enjoyed the boldness of the red chile, but it was so powerful it distracted from all the other components on the dish. I would ask for less sauce in the future, which is a first for this sauce loving girl. 

Overall, we had a very sound New Mexican meal. In the meantime, I'll be dreaming of fluffy sopaipillas with creamy honey butter in Pennsylvania. 

500 S Guadalupe St. 
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 983-5721


JustinM said...

I like Santa Fe, but in my three times there, I always got the impression that there are two distinct groups: the tourists, of which I am always one, and the locals, who all appear to be in on some secret joke of which us tourists are not aware. It's not that anyone is rude, it's just a feeling that tourists do not really belong there. Did you feel anything similar?

Banana Wonder said...

JustinM - Absolutely. There was segregation between tourist establishments and the local joints. I was confused!

gastronomer said...

Sopapilla magic, indeed!

Vern brought back some sopapilla mix the last time he was in Santa Fe. I can't wait to try 'em for realz in New Mexico!

Banana Wonder said...

Cathy - Oh yeah, I wish I snagged some mix for myself. Such good stuff. Hope you get the chance to check out NM in your foodventures.