Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mansion at Elfindale: the most elaborate place to stay for under $100 - Springfield, MO

On the third day of 2,700 mile road trip across country, we covered a lot of ground passing through the rest of New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma. My husband was determined to get to Missouri, Springfield to be exact. Since he did most of the driving, I did the hotel booking. The original Bed and Breakfast I found was full, so I asked for a recommendation and they sent me to Elfindale. When I called, Mayra, the charismatic B+B/wedding coordinator manager, was ready to have us, although I scratched my chin when I was placed briefly on hold and heard religious talk as the hold "music." When we arrived, she gave us a tour of all the suites except the one that was taken and let us have our pick. It was like being in a museum, except we could touch. We chose the John O'Day room which was more expensive, but since it was an off night she gave it to us on the cheap, meaning the same price as the majority of the rooms. 

JT inside the John O' Day

The mansion's story goes back to many owners, but was sold to a church in the late 80s. The church turned it into a bed and breakfast in the early 90s. There is pro god propaganda everywhere, but it's more or less subtle - if anything, interesting. 
Love the wallpaper!

Our bathroom still had its original fixtures. We felt pretty special to be there. The entire mansion is filled with antiques galore. 

Brunch is only served on the weekends (partially why we got such a discounted rate), however, coffee cake, juice and coffee was still served in the morning. The husband and I went to the Mudhouse for coffee and brought it back to our suite to have coffee in the sitting area. It was fantastic! If you ever find yourself in Springfield (which is a place I would gladly free willingly return to), a stay at Elfindale is worth it!

1701 S. Fort Ave
Springfield, MO 65807


Esi said...

What a cute place. I guess now that I am a midwesterner, I should ad Springfield to the list of places I should visit.

tasteofbeirut said...

I love those types of places; you should take a trip down to Mississipi and visit Vicksburg; they have all this Civil War history and lots of plantations you can stay in, with original furnishings and such.

Sippity Sup said...

What a fun trip. one of my besties is from Springfield. I send him over for a peek at this. GREG

Banana Wonder said...

Esi - You should! It can't be too far away from ya.

Tastofbeirut - I would LOVE to go to Mississippi - hope to make it there someday and check out Vicksburg... will report back.

Greg - Oh, then you must visit! Thanks for sending your friend over :-)