Friday, November 2, 2012

Heward House Bed and Breakfast - Holbrook, AZ

Bed before Breakfast

I will never forget the Heward House. Heck, it’s been weeks, and I’ve stayed in many a lodging since then relocating cross country, but I look back fondly on my time there and dream of one day returning with my partner in crime. While Autumn is in full effect, East Coast post Sandy style, I dream of the khaki desert, and that 1930s Art Deco Frank Lloyd Wright one of a kind on-top-of-the-hill oasis in Holbrock, AZ. I'm eating pretzel chips and hummus paired with a semi domestic fridge-fresh brew as I write this, thinking about how it all started. 

My husband was tired after driving 500 miles and committed himself to the "National Geographic" (meaning the painting above the bed was done by a National Geographic Artist) bed for a disco nap, clearly dreaming of finding a hot hotel. Feeling jumpy after sitting in the car all day, I grabbed my camera and the one beer I salvaged from Mother Road Brewing Co. in Flagstaff, AZ ready to explore our new pad for the night. 

Making my way to the kitchen hoping to ice my beer, I ran into Randy, one of the proprietors. He invited me to have some wine in the garden area, whenever I wanted. “…How about now?” would be my auto answer to a question of that nature. We talked about family, his previous profession, beer, and life in the dessert. An hour had passed. He left for a few minutes and came back with a family sized tub of hummus, and some Mexican beer, because he thought I might appreciate something a little different than Bud Light. We were on beer 3, Linda, Heward House owner and wife of Randy, joined us. The first time I ever learned to adore a Texan drawl is from Linda, an incredibly energetic, emotional and intellectual genius. Soon, my husband joined us, dewy eyed from his afternoon hiberation. All four of us together, I felt like we were a big happy family. We talked about government, social security, national debt, traveling, real estate, life, and all the funny mishaps inbetween. Another couple, newlyweds from Kansas, arrived, fresh from touring. We left for Italian food in the high dessert. We came back with stomach aches remedied by more delightful conversation with the middle aged Kansan newlyweds and Randy and Linda. More stories involving Jonny Dep’s stay at the house (which happens to be the same room we stayed in - pictured above) and what Randy would cook for breakfast. Since this is a food blog, do forgive me as I should have showed the breakfast before the bed. 


Randy's magical gravy

Hash Browns: haven't had em like this since the 90s!


Hatch Chile Scrambled Eggs

Fresh Fruit

In the quad


Kachina Dolls

View of Holbrook, AZ from the Heward House


Randy, Linda, JT, and, me

If you are driving Route 66 and/or visiting the petrified forest, please stop at the Heward House and tell Linda and Randy hello from Anna and Justin.

Heward House
108 Crestview Drive
Holbrook, AZ 86025


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