Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blues City Deli - St. Louis, MO

Panino Power

After leaving Springfield, MO, one of our most favorite cities on the Route 66 cross-country road trip, we stopped in St. Louis, MO for a round of golf (I sort of caddy for the husband) and lunch. It was about 3pm when we finally had lunch so starving was on the menu. I read good word about Blues Cities Deli keyword searching "lunch in St. Louis" and further checked superior ratings by populus vote.  Even at 3pm, St. Louisians were still coming in for lunch, with patrons scattered in tables outside late-lunching away.

I was in the mood for something vegetarian, so I ordered the Panino Fresco ($5.75) which contained about $6 worth of mozzarella. The muffuletta olive mix provided a sharp tang against the creamy, mild mozz. The slightly toasted bun was chewy and soft, yet provided enough structure to hold the giant slab of cheese and scoop of olive mix together. I adored this sandwich!

Pulled Chicken

JT got the Chicken Shack Ranch ( $5.95) with Applewood smoked pulled chicken, bacon, provo, lettuce, tomato and buttermilk ranch dressing. I looked down and then up and it was gone. Just destroyed.

Never seen before chips! Wondering what Wisconsin cheddar in chip form tastes like, no more. Nothing special in the end - just artificial tasting cheese powder is all. 

Found some interesting sodas - how can you resist a Santa Claus root beer and a cow drinking straight from an orange?

I was feeling like something sweet, so splurged with a chocolate chip cookie which I ate on the road. It was not anything special, but hit the spot in terms of that chocolate chip cooking feigning feeling. 

Overall, Blues City Deli was a fantastic lunch spot and definite bang for your buck.

2438 McNair Ave.
St. Louis, MO 


Nate said...

There was a time when I think I ate here 3 times a week. Incredible place. Glad you made it part of the 66 tour!

Dewi said...

That CCC cookie makes my mouth water.

Banana Wonder said...

Nate - Word to that. Glad you vouch times 3 for it!

Dewi - I could go for another!

Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy said...

That pulled chicken looks awesome. LOVE the Santa and cow drinks! I would buy them just for the label ;)

Banana Wonder said...

@Anna - Haha, that's kind of what we did, except the husb actually likes root beer.