Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pretzeling in Surf City: Brewbakers

I ate these pretzels all summer long. $1.25 a pop for a fresh, chewy, slightly salty stick. Dennis, the owner, will pour your beer and hand you one of his pretzels and tell you a joke (or let you read one on one of the well-scriptured walls). This post isn't just about the pretzel, it's about the entire place. The people (Huntington Beachers who love their beer but don't surf/go to the beach every single day of their life), the industrial strip mall it's in, the hurricane of beer paraphernalia everywhere you look, the glass case holding a unique combination of heaving chocolate chip cookies and well-shaped pretzel sticks, the open-to-the-public beer making action across bar-side, the case of soft butter and spent grain bread for tasting, the Surf City ales on tap, the kids making root beer for a birthday party, and Dennis. Dennis, an ever-smiling proud grandfather, is always there sipping one of his latest brews and always happy to talk to whoever walks in. He is the a second generation baker and a carbohydrate cowboy with a twinkle in his eye. We crave his pretzels and one of my favorite simple pleasures of this summer was bringing home a bag of them to have with some spicy sweet hot mustard. 

Brewbakers is in an assuming strip mall on a street locals use to avoid traffic. Upon entering, symmetry no longer exists. There is beer decor rampid in ever shape and form. There are delicious smells from brewing and chocolate bread loaves baking in the oven. Sometimes there are kids running around, high off root beer, and sometimes there is just one other person inside sitting at the bar relaxing with a brew chatting it up with Dennis. People come in for not just beer (they are addicted to his chocolate chip cookies and pretzels, who me?). 

In terms of pretzel power rankings, these babies are in their own category. Non traditional, Wild West pretzels that include the entire Brewbakers experience. 

7242 Heil Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92647


mr. pineapple man said...

That looks fantastic!

JustinM said...

That looks like it would be flat-out awesome with mustard.

banana wonder said...

Mr. PIneapple man - Thank you! Wish I had a bag right now for breakfast :-) There is nothing wrong with some mustard in the morning.

JustinM - Especially if you have delicious mustard like my Justin has collected.

Lola Lobato said...

Mmm.... love them with mustard.

Anonymous said...

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