Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Butter on Clam Chowder? Dory Cove - Lincoln City

Who puts a pad of yellow butter on their clam chowder? Apparently this is a common practice in the Northeast, but a first-time for this West coast gal. Clam chowder sans butter is already enough to get butterflies in my arteries. The future husband and I persevered with our clam butterfabulous chowder to stay warm on one those bristly cold Oregon coast days. 

Dory Cove was a silver medal choice after Lincoln City's famous J's Fish and Chips had just sold out for the day. They told us to go to Dory's. See below. 

I am not a clam chowder expert, but this clam chowder is definitely not that great in spite of all the claims made. With an almost gluey base, the rubbery clams and ho-hum potato bits float in something that tastes flat and mass produced. Is that why there was butter on top? Word to the wise butter doesn't always make it better. Get to J's before 1pm just to be safe. 

Dory Cove
2981 SW HWY 101
Lincoln City, OR 97367


Gastronomer said...

Buttah? It would've been the cherry on top had the chowda actually been yummy.

Dewi said...

Clam chowder is my son favorite, but I never made it myself. And, I am also not familiar with the use of butter in it. Good to know :)

Ivy said...

Congratulations on your graduation Anna. Have never eaten clam chowder before but it looks delicious. Butter makes everything taste better but at my age I avoid it as much as I can :)

Banana Wonder said...

Cathy - word to that. Cherry!

Dewi - I have never made it either... gotta start some time - you first? ;-P

Ivy - Thank you Ivy! I'd be interested in a Greek twist clam chowder.. hmmmm