Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Greek sea fennel and much, much more offers some of Greece's most outstanding and unknown/unusual products. 

Sea fennel? Check

Bergamont spoon sweet? Yes. 

Handmade milk organic chocolate with spirulina and olive oil. It does exist!

There is way more. We're talking Santorini capers (with leaves), unctuous olive oils, wine, and Dimistana pasta!

I could go on, but you'll have to see for yourself. is not compensating me - just doing my part in supporting awesome Greek products!

Press release below: - The Quality Greek Food Products Now Also Available Abroad is a new venture put together by Greek entrepreneurs, who despite the current wave of events wish to invest on the export of Greek food products.

Greek Food Shop aims to render quality Greek products, like Greek wines and olive oil, accessible to consumers of other countries, all those who appreciate Greek cuisine and seek premium quality in every product.

The Greek Food Shop connoisseurs apply rigorous quality control methods in order to select the best products, which are send off right at the consumer’s doorstep, by just one click.

For more information about the Greek Food Shop products please visit


Helen said...

I'm so curious about how that chocolate tastes!

Ivy said...

Glad you've discovered GreekFoodShop. They sent me some products a few weeks ago and managed to write a blog post today. They do have fantastic products even for us who live in Greece.