Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jr's Taqueria - Salem, OR

Excluding a state capital, there isn't a whole lot along the I-5 corridor between Eugene and Portland with the exception of beer, Hungarian food and Jr's Taqueria. On a hot tip, the future husband and I found Jr's in a non-commercial, but more industrial side of Salem. Clean and welcoming, we made quick-decision orders and sat down to a booth accompanied by two bottles of righteous house made salsas to wait for our food. 

The shrimp tostada came stacked with plump, sweet shrimp secured to its foundation with a slather of refried beans. The rest of the pile up did not disappoint - refreshing shredded lettuce, tomatoes and generous slices of avocado. I squeezed a heavy hand of smoky chipotle salsa on top and it was perfección. 

Half filled with fresh pressurized-dispensed crema, the bean gordita proved to be a mouthful of lusciousness. 

My thoughts conclude with "I wish I could eat one of these every day."

The Mr. ordered a carne asada plate. I did not try the meat, but the guacamole was eye-roll-to-the-skull inducing. It seemed to be a pure blend of avocados, lime and salt. More perfección. 

House-made tortillas, stacked. 

Mexican coke and horchata

Although the future husband was not as impressed with Jr's as I was, we were both ultra satisfied. If I found myself hungry in or near Salem again and with a strong hankering for Mexican food, you would surely find me here. 

Jr's Taqueria
1705 Winter Street NE
Salem, OR 97303


JustinM said...

My brother went to Willamette so whenever I visited him we often went to Portland. But when we had to eat in Salem we usually just went to the mall. It was the same quality food as most of the restaurants but 1/4 the price.

(Actually, the college's commons had some good food, too, but Rachel Ray went there for $40 A Day so I refused to return.)

Mary Bergfeld said...

How did I miss the future husband bit? Wow! The food from the taqueria looks wonderful and is certainly worth trying. I am in Eugene and Salem is not even a day trip for us. You have given me a destination :-). Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Sippity Sup said...

Bean Gordita and REAL Coke. I wish I were 20 yrs younger...! GREG

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

that bean filled gordita sounds so good! i love pocket shaped food and add chipotle salsa to that yum!

Trevor Sis Boom said...

I can't wait until you get here so you can find these gems closer to me.

Dewi said...

I should really go and try lot more Mexican food. You tempt me with all of your photographs Anna!

Banana Wonder said...

JustinM - RR went to Willamette's commons? Whaaaa?

Mary - I hope you do venture up that way.

Greg - Hah! Psh, please.

Natassia - Pocket shaped good is something special, you are so right!

Trevor - Soon to happen!

Dewi - I don't know what you're waiting for!

JustinM said...

Yep. Killed it for me.