Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Secret Pizza - Las Vegas, NV

 pepperoni pizza

The secret is that it's really just O.K. pizza. Typical greasy under-the-heat-lamp pizza that tastes delicious if you're drunk but just all right if you're sober. The flavors are as is for the most part but you can accessorize for a price. The best part about coming here is that it is a secret - no signs or special doors, just a hallway. You feel special just to find it, along with the other, yeap I'm gonna say it, hipsters. IPA and PBR are flowing as well as wine and soda. Pinball machines are in check, as well as about 3 bar stools. 

Roasted tomato and goat cheese pizza

Cosmopolitan Hotel
Las Vegas, NV


Nubian said...

I would love to make you my shrimp peri peri pizza. Hopefully someday soon we can have a big cooking day which will involve copious amounts of wine!

JustinM said...

Average pizza, hipsters and pinball? Man I feel like a grumpy old man these days.

weezermonkey said...

I didn't get a chance to stop by the last time we were in The Cosmo (we went to Holstein's instead).

But now I'm kind of happy to know that it's just ok.

Our burgers and shakes at Holstein's were better than ok. ;)

Banana Wonder said...

Nubian - I would LOVE to! I have no idea what peri peri is but I am ready for it.

JustinM - You just stick to your guns and keep whipping up pies at home, young man.

Sharon - Hah, yeah it's mainly just fun to find it, but the pizza is meh. I will have to check out Holstein's next go 'round!

H. C. said...

oh, I should've told you to try the white pie; yeah, the 'red' sauce is just very typical... but the garlicky sauce on the white version (along with the big ole globs of ricotta) is amazing!

Banana Wonder said...

H.C. - Ahhhh now you unleash the hot tip. Ok ok, next time.

H. C. said...
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