Friday, December 30, 2011

Brunch at Bouchon - Las Vegas, NV

Beignets filled with fresh raspberry purée 

I have been dreaming about brunch for months. 

Longing for Sundays where I could wake up and drink champagne and be so fabulous that I didn't have to scurry off worrying about work, chores and other annoying stuff doing the backstroke in my head. 

Finally, a break. 

My future husband, JT, took me to Bouchon for the leisurely brunch I'd been dreaming about with a menu that features a mix of Thomas Keller breakfast and lunch  inspired dishes. JT and I did a power wake-up early Sunday morning to ensure  non-queue walk-in status. Boom. We were seated right away and started our morning the correct way with coffee and bellinis. The coffee, referred to as "a medium roast European blend" was exceptionally smooth. The bellinis were of the classic nature, with peach nectar, bubbly and a raspberry floater - juicy and refreshing. To go with our beverages, we ordered a few pastries. The featured beignets, filled with fresh raspberry purée, were good, although I was expecting that hot-cooked dough sensation as opposed to something that had been made a few hours ago. We also ordered a pumpkin muffin (before the squash goes extinct for the next 10 months, which we ended up saving for a to-go snack to make room for the mains). 
classic bellinis, perfectly refreshing with peach nectar

overzealous pumpkin muffin 

An epi baguette was delivered to our table escorted by fresh butter and strawberry preserves. The bread had a pleasantly crunchy crust and a chewy crumb to it. 

Chicken and Waffles. The bacon-chive waffles were that savory sweet species. You know those mornings where you can't decide if you're feeling like something sweet and charming or like something meaty that will power you through for the rest of the day? These waffles help make that decision for you: drool inducing hits of bacon and a little tang from the chive all smoothed out with sweet waffle batter which is improved in it entirety with Tahitian vanilla bean butter served on the side. The chicken is roasted as opposed to the classical fried chicken and waffles combination. The end result deemed to be juicy and flavorful.

Chicken and Waffle friends: pure maple syrup and roasted tomato chutney.

Quiche Due Jour: which apparently happens to be Florentine more often than not at the Vegas location. I am most likely ruined from all other quiches after this one with its healthy dose of spinach and garlic suspended in creamy custard bordered by a flaky buttery crust. A perfectly made quiche. The salad was coated in a red wine (read: raw onion) vinaigrette - buyer beware - my head turned in to a breathing onion odorizer. A shot of listerine should be served upon completion of this dish. Or maybe Thomas Keller just wants to leave a lasting impression. Nonetheless it was a fantastic meal and I would gladly return for brunch at any of their locations I happen to be. 

The Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109


Anonymous said...

So glad you went to Bouchon! We got the beignets when we were there as well. We also got the Moules Frites and the Croque Madame. But now you're making me wish I'd ordered the quiche! It looks fabulous. Hope your time in Vegas was great!

Let Me Eat Cake said...

drooling over those beignets and wishing I could have one right now!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table said...

I just drooled all over my screen reading this recap. Great descriptions!

Last time I was in Napa I ate at Bouchon... that pumpkin macaroon changed my life. :)

Diana said...

Oh wow, that quiche is screaming my name. What a perfect brunch with your husband to be - so happy for you!

tasteofbeirut said...

It has been decades since I last visited Vegas; glad it has improved its offerings and you get to enjoy it with your fiancé! Happy New Year!

Ivy said...

That quiche looks delicious! Best wishes for 2012! May the new year bring you joy and happiness.

Banana Wonder said...

Lindsay - I was eyeing both of those. Will have to go back. I heard the frites are amazing.

let Me Eat Cake - There should be more beignets in life, in general.

Laura - Ooooh, I totally missed those in Vegas. Dang, must get to Napa soon.

Diana - Thanks TALF, hope you're having fun with your zoom zoom.

tasteofbeirut - Oh yeah, it's improved big time. I didn't even see too many buffet advertisements.

Ivy - Thanks and the same to you!

Gastronomer said...

I've been meaning to brunch here 4-ever. Rumor has it that Vegas has the best Bouchon. From your write up, I believe it!