Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Secret Garden: Bed and Breakfasting in Eugene

In celebration of Justin's birthday, we drove down to his old stomping grounds of Eugene for a weekend of Ducks football and fun. I'd like to mention this was the first football game I've ever been to live (probably half-watched 3 Superbowl games previously). We stayed at the Secret Garden Inn - a quaint, antique style house turned b & b. One of the perks was breakfast and sitting at communal tables with other fanatic alma maters/Duck peeps. It was a super place to stay at and in case you're wondering, breakfast went something like this:

We started out with fresh fruit, coffee and savory muffins. All served on vintage botanical china. 

Parmesan cheese and roasted red bell pepper muffin with butter. 

Cheesy scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, sausage, toast, and homemade jam (not pictured). 

Addictive Homemade granola.


The lobby.

The back (front is secretly hidden).

 Duck paraphernalia in full effect. 

Proof that I went to the game. 

Secret Garden Inn
1910 University Street
Eugene, OR 97403


Catherine said...

Sounds like a great time in a cozy and quaint B & B to stay. The breakfast looks real nice. I think that I have only sat through an entire football game once! Congrats! Thank you for your visit. Blessings, Catherine xo

Dewi said...

Thanks for the review Anna! FYI, I never been to any football game in my life.

Mary Bergfeld said...

It is a lovely spot to stay. I'm glad you had a good weekend in our football crazy town. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Helen said...

My husband and I enjoy staying at B&B's. He's very chatty in the morning. Me not so much :) There are some very nice B&B's in the Ottawa region. Those savoury muffins look delish. I want!!!

Banana Wonder said...

Catherine - Ahhh good that makes me feel better :-) Blessings back at cha!

Dewi - :-)

Mary - I wish I could love there, actually.

Helen - Hahaha that is funny about the chatty part. When I come to Ottawa, I am definitely staying in a B&B and hoping &C for extra chatty and extra coffee.

Lisa Jones said...


The incompetency of the management/owner of the Secret Garden Inn in Eugene is no longer a secret!

Over a year ago, my husband visited the Secret Garden Inn, thought it was cute and, while there, booked four rooms for our family and extended family for 2 nights during our Daughter's graduation. On that day, an employee showed my husband the rooms and he was very pleased. The owner, Don, was also there and my husband had the opportunity to meet him.

Last November 2012 my husband and I were both in Oregon for Parents Weekend and my husband took me to see the Inn. We walked in and I said, "What a quaint place." I had barely gotten those words out of my mouth when a man (The owner) who resembled Jack Nicholson's character in 'The Shining' walked out in stocking feet. We introduced ourselves and said that we would be staying there 2 nights in June. The owner became agitated and told us that he would never have made reservations for us for two nights because the minimum was three and that this Inn was completely full! He refused to look at his reservations book and, although my husband told him that we had email confirmations, the owner said, "no you don't, I don't even use Email." My husband explained that an employee did the reservations but that the owner was also present when these reservations were made for my husband, in person. The owner was adamant that we did not have reservations because it’s a 3-night minimum not 2. We left frustrated, confused and shaken. When we arrived home, we found the email confirmations and also looked on the Inn's website, where it clearly stated that there was a TWO night minimum during graduation time! We sent a registered letter with all of this information to the owner but never received a phone call.

My husband called and talked to an employee who reiterated that it was a two-night minimum and that we did not have reservations because the inn was full. My husband got on the website while he was on the phone with the employee and the website still said it was a 2 night minimum! The employee got on the site and saw this, as well. My husband mentioned the confirmation numbers and the employee realized that there was a note in the reservation book that showed reservations for us... At the Holiday Inn Express, made by the owner without our knowledge or permission! My husband immediately called the other hotel and found out that NO reservations had been made there. After months and months of going back and forth, all the owner could guarantee was ONE room (we saw this room and it wasn't a room, it was where they store unused furniture and we need THREE rooms). He also said that he might be able to get us one room at another hotel (no guarantees).
Luckily we had the foresight back in November, when we left the Inn, to immediately get on the phone and make reservations at another hotel!

Bottom line... If you have reservations at the Secret Garden Inn for this year's graduation, or at any other time for that matter, good luck to you! Not only was everything about our encounter unprofessional but we consider the owner to be unstable and that scares me!

Oh, by the way… if you get on their website and look at the testimonials, notice the dates. All of those raving reviews took place when the former owner was there!

Currently we have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on this matter as this establishment has established a practice of FALSE ADVERTISING BETTER KNOW AS CUSTOMER FRAUD. My complaint is listed under case #22382295 and is being followed up by the State of Oregon.

All I can say is BUYER BEWARE, the Secret Garden Inn is no longer a secret and I strongly encourage you to not visit this establishment as the owner is neither professional or compassionate to his renters and is a bit off balance, he is not one to be TRUSTED!