Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Country Cat

In my year and a half in Portland thus far my roommate and best friend, Heather, has been telling me how good The Country Cat is and how badly I need to go there. Finally, I went - as a Plan B whim - and then again, and I hope again soon. The following is what was consumed during these two visits. Go there!

 Dinner with Heather:
 Deviled Eggs $3: Was that horseradish? We think so!

2008 Kiona: well rounded with a little acid.

Moscat marinated beets, goat cheese, mint and rosemary walnuts $9: making these beets lush.

Hickory Smoked Duck Crepe: with roasted plum puree, chanterelles and hazelnuts $14.
On my two visits, at least one dinning compadre ordered this fantastic combination of meat and a little sweet.

Crispy quinoa and barley cake on smoked squash puree with soft goat cheese $11: my chosen dish, surprisingly the cake was spicy, making the dish even better with the cool goat cheese.

Sauteed chard with preserved lemon, garlic and chili $6: bright and hot.

House potato bread and butter $2: we ordered this for dessert 

Dinner with Becky, Beau, and H.C.:
Commuter Cuvee: rhubarb and strawberry, a delicious choice by Beau.

Cast Iron Skillet Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy $15: H.C. went Mmmmmm

Fish & Shellfish Pot Pie $10: This dish looked like an appetizer, but it was still hearty and didn't end up leaving me with cat breath.

Heritage Burger with Onion Rings $10: It's a burger that's made USA Today's Top Burger List.

The Collard Green with Pork Hock: a very satisfying side.

Chocolate Turtle Tart with salted almonds and chantilly $7: Just like biting into a See's nuts and chews, expect this time it was an entire slice.

Apple Pie with Salted Caramel Ice Cream $7

7937 SE Stark
Portland, OR


Beau said...

I am dying to go back, thanks for introducing this place to me, Anna!

Beckyintherootcellar said...

I have been in Portland for over ten years and this is the second time in a month I been compelled to finally try this restaurant. Thanks for the photos. They just put me over the edge. I am going to have to make it to the Country Cat soon, very soon.

Let Me Eat Cake said...

everything looks amazing! that fried chicken, that seafood pot pie, the apple pie! yum!

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table said...

I have to go wipe the drool off of my keyboard. Everything looks incredible. And that See's-esque dessert... *swoon*

Lenia said...

All dishes seem delicious!Filakia,koritsaki!

yanni said...

Looks soooo good and the photos you took are great also.

Banana Wonder said...

Beau - Come January...

Becky - Thanks for stopping by. I hope you make it to the Country Cat and let me know how it goes :-P

Natassia - We've got a list compiling of all the places you'll go when you come up.

Laura - My keyboard has perma drool on it!

Lenia - Fillakia kai efxaristw

yanni - Thanks for stopping by :)

Helen said...

Oh boy, the food looks amazing! And those desserts....I want two of each. I'm also learning a lot about Portland by watching Portlandia LOL!

Trevor Sis Boom said...

Wow. I'm all about this kinda food and that duck crepe has my name on it. Wish I could get there, um, NOW.

Banana Wonder said...

Helen - hahah glad you are watching Portlandia... one of these days you'll see my in the background ahhaha

Sis.Boom - come on up to pdx and we'll go!

Anonymous said...

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