Sunday, October 30, 2011

Noshing Aussie Pies in PDX: Pacific Pie Co.

Beef and Mushroom Pie
Three Sisters Pie

Camille and I checked out Pacific Pie Company, inspired by Camille's good times spent in Australia. Of course, I am always ready to eat anything wrapped in dough. So we urban hiked from downtown across the Burnside bridge to find the unassuming Pacific Pie - tucked away off noisy Burnside. 

A spread of famously Australian pastries met us at the counter:

But it was not time for sugary pastries. It was time for wine. We started off with a glass of the house red - Big Woop! from South Eastern Australia: smooth with a little spice.

Along with our pies we ordered the Greek salad. I know, not Australian, however one of the largest Greek communities outside of Greece is in Melbourne. The Greek salad came with just two slabs of feta, however this has been the best feta I've had in my 14 months so far in Portland. Pure creamy-tangy goodness.

Then came our pies (as seen above, above). The crusts were of butter and everything that is good in the world, turning into soft melt-in-your-mouth crumbs upon impact. Camille's super classic beef and mushroom pie got the seal of approval by the experienced pasty eater. She busted out the ketchup to accompany the pie which is something of Australian tradition. I had a bite and it was pure earthy, comforting richness. My pie (the Three Sisters) was a special of the day: three types of beans in a chipotle tomato sauce - a blast of unrefined proteins and heat which was compensated by the buttery crust. Fantastic all the way around. 

We couldn't resist splitting a slice of bourbon chocolate hazelnut pie. I later went into pie comatose. 

Happy Hour 3pm-5pm
Pie + Beer for $7

Pacific Pie Co.
1520 SE 7th Ave.
Portland, OR 97215


Three-Cookies said...

Lucky you, a good pie is hard to find where I live now. My fav is bacon and egg pie, available widely in NZ but hard to find in Aust Strange.

JustinM said...

The pulled pork pastie has my name all over it.

mia xara said...

Maybe I should move closer to you,Anna,I'd love to visit all these places...I also love dough so I think this would be the perfect place for me!In the meantime I'm just drooling....XO

Helen said...

Oh wow, what a treat to sample some foods from a far off land. I've heard of Lamington and Anzac cookies before but I've never had an opportunity to try them. Your savoury bean pie sounds delish!

Lenia said...

Great pics!I loved that hazelnut pie!!!Filakia,koritsaki!

Banana Wonder said...

Three-Cookies - I could definitely groove to a bacon and egg pie. Now you got me curious about Aust Strange?

Justin - I'll go back with ya when you guys come to pdx.

Mia Xara - Maybe you should!

Helen - I will have a Lamington and Anzac next time and report back to you. The bean pie was delicious... but in all honesty I wanted the spinach and feta pie which they ran out of. Next time!

Lenia - Thanks - me tooo baby!

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to go to Pacific Pie co.! And who knew that they -- of all places - would have the best feta you've had since being in Portland? That's super funny to me.