Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cows and beer that recycle themselves (for my hedonism): Calapooia Brewery, Albany

This is how the burger is advertised at Calapooia Brewing - in case you ever make it to Albany, Oregon. 

This is my "little brother" Ben. He looks like my older brother John, but is younger than me. We went to school together and traveled to Mexico and then worked at the same place in Albany, OR. He is basically my brother. He is also a one of Calapooia's Chili Beer fanatics. This is a true chili beer made with fresh Anaheim, Serrano and Jalapeno peppers. It's bold after just one sip. You wouldn't think you'd find this in rural Oregon, right?

Of course I had to try one of their Cow-Beer-Burgers. The salad had bun croutons on it, surprise.

The "brew beef' burger aka cows fattened on spent brewery grain was not mind blowing. It was not ultra greasy and flavorful. It tasted like a hamburger my Significant (m)Other would make back in the 90s using 99% fat free beef my father would buy. Clearly, I baptized it in in ketchup. I don't know what the French were thinking.  I gobbled this burger up sans any sort of indigestions or American obese feelings. It was a nice meal, but not a mind blowing hamburger. This was the last hamburger I've eaten and it's been two months. I had to try this burger to complete the cycle and here it is. Satisfying if you are hungry, but not going to knock your tube socks off. No matter what, I love Calapooia Brewing and I will go there any time I possibly can. Their beers are bold and rural Oregon is awesome. 

Calapooia brewing


Anonymous said...

I would possibly never make there ,even after reading your blog I would love too;))

Three-Cookies said...

Nice chart. Is it a way of saying that a burger is vegetarian. If a vegetarian can drink beer, why not eat a burger also:)

tasteofbeirut said...

I am not a burger fan but I would love a sip of that beer! How creative can one get?

JustinM said...

Is there really as much ketchup on that burgers as it appears?

Banana Wonder said...

Dzoli - That makes sense, but I'm sure you can somehow someway find brew beef!?

Three-Cookies - Haha, I'd like to see that logic tried on a vegetarian.

tasteofbeirut - The beer is intense! I don't know how my friend drank 2 pints.

JustinM - Yes. I eat burgers as a vehicle for consuming ketchup.

Eva@ kitcheninspirations.wordpress.com said...

Too bad the burger wasn't more inspiring...I hate eating empty calories like that. Interesting beer.

mia xara said...

I,too,couldn't care much for that burger,I'll have to admit though it was worth the trip for the beer experience..Very interesting! XO

Lenia said...

Nice pics,Annoula!Καλό Σαββατοκύριακο,γλυκιά μου!