Thursday, September 22, 2011

GLAD One bag Event - Part 2

I was chosen as 1 out of 10 bloggers by GLAD in part with Foodbuzz to throw a "One Bag" party in an effort to promote the reduction of waste, specifically landfill waste. I am compensated for these posts, but the opinions are still mine. 

In preparation for my "Poutine and Pinot" party I had to go shopping strategically, which is not super difficult in a place like Portland.

I wanted to make poutine because 
1) It is almost a completely No-Waste dish  
2)  I've never made it and 
3) I am highly intrigued by Canadian post drinking food. 
4) The "Pinot" part is attributed to the fact that I had pinot noir in the bag - willing and able for this party.

Poutine is basically fires topped with gravy and cheese curds. I wanted to add a local, Oregon touch to my version since the name of the game was to be as green as possible. I went to the farmers market and picked up some organic russet potatoes to make the fries portion. I also grabbed a few pounds of crimini mushrooms, some walla walla onions, butter lettuce, fruits and cheese curds - all local stuff of course. The goods were stuffed in my carry-on bags as shown below. Then trekked back home on my human powered vehicle which is my #1 mode of transportation when it's not pouring rain. I do not own a car.   

Meanwhile, I was still trying to figure out what to do with the Styrofoam

I invited two of my Portland State University MBA classmates who are both focused on sustainability - prefacing the invite with waste management Q's. Pre-dinner I asked more questions. 

One was concerning the organic russet potatoes I mandolined into perfect future fry shapes. This was a pain. Was it worth it? 

According to Matt, posing with Styrofoam below, it is much more fuel/energy efficient to make your own fries as opposed to buying the frozen version, even if it involves a little elbow grease. 


In regards to that Styrofoam, Nate, who is the Project Lead at the Port of Portland Waste Minimization Project, advised me that Styrofoam block can be recycled for free at Recology locations (one location being within a mile from my house). 


The dinner party continues tomorrow. 


Three-Cookies said...

I am so glad to read that Glad chose you:) Never tried poutine but it sure sounds delicious

Eva said...

Our recycling in Toronto has recently started taking Styrofoam as well. I am happy about this because a lot of takeout still comes in it (not that we do take out).

Banana Wonder said...

Three-Cookies - You got to get on the poutine routine ;-)

Eva - That's great they take Styrofoam but I still feel there are so many other ways to pack up goodies ...