Friday, August 26, 2011

Let the PDX Pretzel Throw Down begin: Bridgeport Brewery

Pretzels Exposed to Flash

I hereby start the search for the Portland best pretzel. PDX is no Philly, but there is still a unique array of pretzels to be found (especially at microbreweries) around town. If you have any suggestions please let me know. Deschutes Brewery is next.

I checked out Bridgeport Brewery after some Core Power Yoga with my friends Sara and Nicole. We were starving and assumed the pretzels ($7) came in servings of one so we ordered three of these plates, which resulted in some doggie bags. The pretzels are made in house, of course, and come with a tangy sweet ropewalk mustard and porter cheddar spread. The pretzel itself had a standard dough consistency although I would have liked to see the three pretzels become two to create more pillowy innards as opposed to dry and often times bitter surface area. The ends got a little hard and actually tasted like Snyder's of Hanover. The cheese and mustard dips were a perfect salty/creamy vs sweet/tangy pairing.  These were good, but by no means blew my socks off.

Bridgeport Brewery
1313 NW Marshall St
Portland, OR 97209


JustinM said...

Black Butte Porter mustard! Oh man how I miss that. If you bring me some next time you come to L.A. I will make you ten pizzas.

Nathan Hazard said...

Omigosh find the best pretzel before next week, K???

Helen said...

Yum! I probably would have eaten all three because I'm a dough girl :) Or maybe not since they didn't taste so good ha!

tasteofbeirut said...

This looks so good!

Banana Wonder said...

JustinM - Handshake!

Nathan - We'll hit up Gruner for some research... need your assistance.

Helen - Dough girls unite! Are there lots of pretzels in the CanCan?

Tasteofbeirut - :-)

Helen said...

Anna, There's a region in Ontario (Kitchener) that celebrates the Oktoberfest festival every October. The people of the area are of Germanic descent and there are many fresh pretzels available in bakeries around that region.

Banana Wonder said...

Helen - Thanks for the info - and good call about Oktoberfest...there is many a celebration in pdx which means there will be more research needed.

Gastronomer said...

I'm lovin' this series, Anna! Pretzels are so damn good.

Btw -- Philly only has like one style of pretzel. PDX for the pretzel win ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ you. Deschutes has the best pretzel/fondue, hands down. Widmer has a good one too.

Anonymous said...

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