Friday, August 19, 2011

Drag Queens & Burgers: Hamburger Mary's

It's described as a screamingly gay Red Robin.
There is Drinking with Divas or 50 cent jello shots or Bingo to choose from and there are rainbows everywhere. And Long Islands are alive and well. I came here twice so keep scrolling. 

I staggered came in alone one Friday afternoon post Oregon Brewers Festival in hopes of using up one of my many expiring groupons. Somehow the waitress twisted my arm into ordering Mary's Fruit Punch, which is basically a combination of all of smirnoff's vodkas, cranberry juice and lemonade. On Fridays a tall glass is only $5. It was sweet. I had been drinking IPAs all day long so this juice was a shock to my system.

I had an itching for meat, so I ordered the Organic Free Range Burger with sweet potato fries. It was a burger I could sink my teeth into - the bun was squishy and the burger was juicy.  My friend Jarret showed up  as the burger arrived so we shared it, although I was really feeling this burger and could have possibly devoured the entire thing. The sweet potato fries were on the limp side, but I like them that way so no complaints!

Side stance.

Bill delivery.

I paid Hamburger Mary's another visit the following week to finally use my groupon (fine print sucks!) and sat at the bar by myself reading The China Study which I later ditched for an abandoned Willamette Week. It was one of those sunny, glorious days in Portland. I was having a me day. I ordered a glass of wine, the Blackbean Patty Burger (which is vegan and supposedly made by Mary herself, cough) with coleslaw which boasts Mary's secret recipe. 

The burger was massive and super filling. The blackbean patty was on the mushy side but I'd rather have mushy then dry and crackly. The coleslaw wasn't anything special - just chunks of cabbage and nothing distinguishing about the sauce. I ended up dousing it with Tabasco which gave it more character, which is just about the only thing Hamburger Mary's is lacking character in. 

19 NW 5th Ave
Portland, OR 97209


JustinM said...

What a great post. It's good to see you eating a burger. How did the free range compare to the vegan? BTW I started reading The China Study last month and gave up after about 20 pages. Not that it was bad, I'm just not ready to change my ways yet.

H. C. said...

ha, now I feel compelled to go for a round of drag queen bingo @ the WeHo outpost of H Mary's....

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

You've brought back so many memories here...the Hamburger Mary's at Honolulu was hilarious and the burgers were quite good too!

Banana Wonder said...

JustinM - Thanks haha I think the vegan was actually heavier than the free range. You'd be impressed, I actually ate a burger AGAIN this week over at the Calapooia brewery in Albany, OR. I am still working on the China Study... it gets heavy after some time.

H.C. - You need to go and tell me all aboutz.

Peter - Haha so funny, I bet the one in Hawaii is off the chain.

Shaheen said...

Its interestign you mention the sweet potato fris being a bit on the limp side. Every time I have made them, that is how they turn out, so it must fine (phew).

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

A great place! I love the way the hamburgers are served. Yummy.



Dream of cakes said...

Juicy, delicious burger!! BTW I love the drag queens' shows!

Helen said...

Don't you just love "me" days! I have them often. I take myself out to lunch without the husband and I order whatever I want and I don't have to share it either ;)
The food looks good. I find that whenever I order sweet potato fries they are always soggy. Do they ever come out crispy for anyone?

Esi said...

I used to be a regular at the WeNo HM, notnas much for the food as for drag queen bingo. I miss it!

Banana Wonder said...

Shaheen - I think sweet potatoes are much denser than regular potatoes so they don't puff and get crispy like the regular taters we are used to.

Rosa - Put a knife in it! Cakes should be served this way too...hmmm

Eftychia - I would love to see a Cypriot drag queen show...

Helen - I kind of want to crash one of YOUR me days. But that may be creepy. I think sweet potatoes are denser and so they just limp up... not enough air to keep them crispy.