Monday, July 18, 2011

The Ultimate Oatmeal Throwdown: Spar for the Spurtle + Giveaway

Think you have what it takes to dish up the world's best bowl of oats? Rob's Red Mill Natural Foods, purveyors of "The World's Best Oatmeal" want to know.  I am also curious.
The deets
Submit a video demonstrating a unique recipe (savory or sweet) that makes use of Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oats. The top three finalist will be flown to Portland, OR to compete in a live cook-off. The winner of that cook-off will travel with the Bob's Red Mill team to compete in the 18th Annual Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship in Scotland - an all-expense paid trip for two to Scotland, including $2,500 in cash. The deadline to submit your entry is August 7, 2011.

Visit for more details and to enter the contest. 

6 winners for Banana Wonder readers
The first 5 people to submit a video to the contest website and re-tweet the link to the video and contest website win get a prize pack including a bag of the Steel Cut Oats, a wooden spurtle (traditional Scottish porridge stirrer) and a Bob's Red Mill Cookbook. Just comment and let me know when you have submitted/tweeted.

I'm also giving an additional prize back (a bag of the Steel Cut Oats, a wooden spurtle and a Bob's Red Mill Cookbook) to one reader at random. Just comment telling me what kind of (savory or sweet) oatmeal you would make.  Winner will be announced August 7, 2011. 

Good luck to all!


Three-Cookies said...

I could make Coconut oat molasses cookies and ANZAC cookies to start with... (

CJLP said...

I would try and make oat muffins with bacon and chocolate. It could be done - don't think a recipe exists but I would take and oat bran recipe and alter it. YUMMY!!!!

Ruth Abatzoglou said...

I am looking forward to this contest!

I found some of Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut Oat at Jon's Market today and was thinking of making a dish with the unusual and always promiscuous squash growing in my yard. This year they are a greenish color like a zucchini, but large like pumpkins. I was thinking of doing a baked dish, with the squash and using the oatmeal as a crunchy topping.

The oats looks great, I think I'll make up a traditional bowl tomorrow morning to give me some inspiration.

DrThunder said...

Morning oatmeal is actually a novel experience when using steel cut oats (we got some of Bob's GF type a while back) rather than the typical oat flakes. A lot more texture than the typical mushy consistency. The interesting consistency would lend itself nicely to creating drthunder oat bars with local huckleberries (Idaho's state fruit) and hazelnuts from Oregon.

Nicolette said...

Mmm... I love oats. Morning oatmeal with ginger, pecans, and cranberries for the winter. Cowgirl Cookies with Freddy Guy hazelnuts for fall, Irish soda bread with herb butter for spring, and a stone fruit crisp for summer. For reals.

Unknown said...

I would make a healthy energy roll...put all the ingredients in a cuisine art and blend until a dough forms. Make log shape rolls and slice into 1 inch pieces and roll all sides with oats
Ingredients: apricot, plum,dates walnuts, peanut butter, oats (not cooked)
Laura AKA Greek sista

The College Lie said...
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The College Lie said...

Since your signifcant (M)other reminded me about this today, I'm going to try and make mint-chocolate no-bake cookies with steel-cut oats and see how they turn out.

Ruth Abatzoglou said...

I just finished editing my video for the contest. I hope you all like it.
Here is the link:

Ruth Abatzoglou said...

My video just made it into the contest! Now I just need to get as many votes as possible. Got to and vote for:

Oat Encrusted Squash- Bob's Red Mill Steel Cuts Oats Making Squash Champions!