Thursday, July 21, 2011

One of PDX's Oldest: Produce Row Cafe

Sunny day in PDX
Great Divide Hercules Double IPA (Co)
I originally went to Produce Row back in undergrad with my friend, roommate and fellow-collegiate-athlete, Sara S. because her dad, who attended the same university back in the days, recommended it as an old hangout hot spot. On my first visit the menu was simple early 2000esque sandwiches. This was  before the time $10 sandwiches that white people love existed. Fast forward to summer of 2011. Sara S. and I are still extreme. After a Barre3 class we pay Produce Row a visit for old time's sake. The place was pumping with Portland. We started our early dinner with a 10% abv IPA from Colorado. We chose this because it has the highest alcohol content and would not jeopardize the integrity of our extreme-ness. The food goes as follows:

Seasonal fish & chips served with tartar sauce and cabbage slaw with beer battered chips *market price. 

Hummus plate house-made falafel, mixed greens, feta, kalamata olives, cucumber, onion and tomatoes served with grilled pita ($7.5).

Beet house-roasted beets and creamy gorgonzola cheese served on a bed of 
mixed greens, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette ($8).

204 SE Oak St.
Portland, OR 97214


Joyti said...

Sounds delicious. Especially the hummus plate.

JustinM said...

How was the fish? It looks really greasy. (Not that it can't be both greasy and delicious.)

Mary Bergfeld said...

It looks like a fun spot. I love beer battered fish and I would love to have joined you. That class you take intrigues me and I've not heard of barre3 before. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Lenia said...

Everything looks delicious!Many kisses,dear Anna:)

Trina said...

What a meal to follow Barre class! I like your style. :)

Banana Wonder said...

Indie.Tea - Hummus plates always sound good to me!

JustinM - You are damn right it was greasy - I could only eat one piece, but it was dang good.

Mary - When you come to PDX we should go :-)

Lenia - Efxaristw!

Trina - You know it!

Helen said...

The food looks good! Fish & chips are a my comfort food! These look particularly enticing and greasy. Now I have a craving for them. I think fish & chips after a workout is a great trade-off LOL!

Gastronomer said...

Former collegiate athletes know how to ROCK!

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

wow that fish and chips looks so crunchy oily good!

Esi said...

The fish and chips looks awesome!

Banana Wonder said...

Helen - I hadn't had fish and chips in ages actually... my friend Sara wanted to order them because her fiance doesn't like them. They were indeed greasy but the beer cut the grease the workout cut all of the above :-)

Banana Wonder said...

Cathy - high five (way up there volleyball high five style)!

Natassia - Oil is right!

Esi - Still waiting for you here in pdx

Diana said...

What is this Barre3 class??? Are you cheating on Bar Method??!!