Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Gr8 Cocktails of Summer Thus Far

Sharabi Lassi: Mango lassi, saffron syrup and New Deal vodka. East India Co. 

No. 3 Chill: Fresh cucumber, Indian green chilies, Tanqueray Rangpur lime gin.  East India Co. 

The Bye and Bye: a peach infused vodka, peach infused bourbon, cranberry juice and lemon. The Bye and Bye

Lefty's Prayer: Beet infused tequila, rosemary syrup, fresh lime, served up on a salted rim. The Bye and Bye

Soi Cowboy: Tamarind pulp, whiskey, bourbon, triple sec and muddled fresh mint shaked and served on the rocks with a sugared rim. Siam Society

Scary smooth Manhattan from the new Ringside Fish House

Bloody Mary bar at Aquariva

 Not a cocktail, but spending tons of time in Albany this summer so a shout out to RIParian IPA good ol Albany, OR (grass seed capital of the world). Calapooia Brewing Company 


tasteofbeirut said...

I hear you! Now if i could just have someone fix them and bring them to me while I lounge by the pool, my life would be perfect!

mia xara said...

Very refreshing on a hot summer day!Now, if I only had a beach in my backyard...haha!

Megan's Cookin' said...

The Bloody Mary looks excellent but I would order the Bye and Bye! They all look great, I stumbled it!
Funny about Albany being the grass seed capitol, I was born there. :)
Thanks for stopping bye and it's nice to meet ya!

Diana said...

I've never seen this side of you before, TALF! Thought you were a beer and wine gal! But I can dig an equal opportunity alcohol ingester. Drink on!

Banana Wonder said...

tasteofbeirut - i am feeling the same thing... now if i could just have a pool and pool boy...

mi xara - beach... pool... leaky faucet... i'd take one of those

megan's cookin - you were born in Albany>>!! WOW!

TALF - oh yeah I have become non-discrimanatory with my booze ...but i draw the line at plastic bottles!

Joyti said...

I really want a Sharabi Lassi....sounds pretty amazing.

Helen said...

I sure could use one (or several) of those refreshing drinks right now, as it's over 80 degrees here. The tamarind one looks quite interesting and I love the colour of Bye and Bye too!

Anonymous said...

I haven't had any of these cocktails yet this summer. I think that means I'm a bad Portlander? But gosh, they sound SO good. Thanks for the heads up!

lorna vanderhaeghe said...

Tamarind pulp achieves a great taste when served on a sugared rim.

Banana Wonder said...

Indie.Tea - Me too!

Helen - My man picked out that tamarind one - I would have never selected that but it was surprisingly good. I totally sipped tons down when he went to the boys room. tee heees

rosemarried - you are probably busy MAKING your own fabulous cocktails!

Iorna - oh yeah! Thanks for stopping by.