Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheap Underground Egyptian Kitsch Thrills: Mummy's

$4 Falafel

  Mummy's is a place in downtown Portland that has either been neglected or totally dissed. But it's not that bad, it's just different. The ambiance is Egyptian 90s kitsch: fun and mysterious. There are fake sarcophagi scattered about the underground restaurant.  There are splatterings of peach and teal all around, reminiscent of an old B.U.M. Equipment midriff sweatshirt I used to sport back in 1992.  

The place is run by two old Egyptian brothers who still use typewriters. There is plenty of seating in cool booths engraved with various Egyptian gods and goddesses. Bonus perk: the women's bathroom has office equipment from the late 80s. 

I originally went here for dinner with my boyfriend but we left after getting a flat beer and glass of wine that tasted like communion. But I figured it needed a second go round - especially for their happy hours so I went with my friend, Caliopy of Comme Des Calliope, for another try. 

$3 beer

The happy hour menu is cheap. They have cute Egyptian inspired drinks. I was feeling Gaza Step ish so I ordered a Pyramid Brewing Hefeweizen. 

And the $4 falafel? It was huge and interesting - ladden with pickles of all condiments. The falafel balls were certainly fresh and airy. The tahini sauce was a little on a shy side, but the fresh vegetables were plentiful. The results? I would give Mummy's another for happy hour in a heart beat. 

622 SW Columbia St.
Portland, OR 97201


Lenia said...

It sounds a very interesting place!I 'd love to dinner there!Lots of hugs!

Helen said...

I'd love to check this place out if only for the decor! The food (based on your experience) can be hit or miss but how wrong can you go with falafel?

Banana Wonder said...

Lenia - Thanks, Egyptian restos are tough to come by in these parts!

Helen - Yeah, the decor sold me. I love everything Egyptian. When I was in Egypt the falafels from the street vendors were wrapped in (used) computer paper from the 80s - you know the type with perforated edges?

Unknown said...

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