Monday, May 30, 2011

The Amazing Restaurant in Xochimilco with No Name

I wish I would have asked what this place was called because I am sure it had a name. Sadly, I never found out the name because there was no street sign - just a street number. 

During a 2 week long visit to Mexico, my compadres and I checked out one of the southern boroughs within the Mexican Federal District: Xochimilco. Within minutes upon arrival it started pouring down rain and we had no where to go until we found an opening in a wall that lead us to this restaurant where we had an impromptu four course lunch... for about 7 US legal tenders. 

It goes something like this:

Sopa de verduras: a vegetable soup made with all green veg

Because it isn't boring, it's Boing!

Second Course: Rice with something else. We all choose something else.

With Plantains: because my friend's calves kept cramping up.

With Mole: because I love mole!

With Huevo: because my friend Jamie eats egg more than anyone I know

Next course we all got a chicken enchilada with mole. Or mole with a chicken enchilada. 

We decided to all get different desserts.
(porous) Flan

Mango ice cream

Neapolitan ice cream

How we somehow found this place...

Only Evidence

A restaurant in Xochimilco city center. 
Xochimilco, Mexico City


Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

I've had some similar eating experiences...everything does look good! I love that flan!

chow and chatter said...

oh wow that place looks amazing and often these are the best places aren't they :-)

Ivy said...

Wow, now I am craving Mexican food.

Anh said...

sooo good!! I had similar experience when I was traveling. I wish we had this kind of food in Australia! *sigh*

JW said...

Looks even more delicious than I remember!!! YUM!!!!

Lenia said...

Everything looks so tempting!Have a great day,dear Anna!

Banana Wonder said...

Peter - I bet! Hope you blog one next time :-0

Rebecca - No doubt!

Ivy - You need to make a trip down South :-)

Anh - I'd trade you for some pasties.

JW - You know it, smut sister!

Lenia - Thanks, you too dear.

Mary Bergfeld said...

The food looks wonderful. Did you have the opportunity to see the gardens? I saw then 50 years go and wonder how they've withstood the test of time. Have a wonderful day, Anna. Blessings...Marya s

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

what a lucky find! porous flan? how was it? looks like a lovely meal!

Dream of cakes said...

All dishes look delicious, especially the desserts!

Banana Wonder said...

Mary - Yes! We took boat rides as well. Very colorful.

Natassia - You betcha!

Efychia - Yeap :-0

Dewi said...

Envy you each time you write a review about restaurant. The food you choose always so delicious looking.

Joyti said...

Oo, everything looks delicious. And mole sauce, and flan...yum

emiglia said...

What a great story and a fun experience! Too bad you can't find out where it was, but I guess that makes the memory all the better!

Banana Wonder said...

Elra - Ahh, really? Thanks! wow... life of a grad student is all...

Indie.Tea - flan seems to be an all around fav.

emiglia - You know it!!

Helen said...

Your culinary adventures in Mexico have introduced me to a whole new world of food I didn't even know existed. Thanks! I must source a resto here that serves mole.