Friday, April 8, 2011

Mexican Caprese: Café Benito/Sala Juárez, Guadalajara

Cafe + Modern Mexican Art Gallery

Places to sit

Mexican Caprese: Panela cheese and cilantro peso with lime

Portobello Teriyaki Salad with cotija cheese and honey

Pepito de Arrachera: caramelized onions, avocados, and flank steak

Mexican bruschetta: tomatoes, cilantro and wine reduction

Totally awesome scene

Cafe Benito
Sala Juarez
Ave. Juarez #451
Guadalajara, Jalisco


Dewi said...

That sounds delicious Anna. Panela cheese still kind of foreign to me, but the cilantro pesto really intriguing.

JustinM said...

What the hell kind of MBA course is this? When I got my masters in Poli Sci last year my only field trip was to the local congressman's office. I think I had Jack in the Box for lunch.

Banana Wonder said...

Elra - Panela is basically a fresh farmers cheese. I gotta find some up here in the NW. It was all over So Cal.

JustinM - Hehhe international marketing ;-)

Cooking Gallery said...

The foods look awesome! The pictures make me hungry again ;)!

Helen said...

Everything in this post looks delicious! Everything except maybe the white pants and white shoes :P

Banana Wonder said...

Cooking Gallery - Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to check out your blog.

Helen - My thoughts exactly!!!!! wohooooo!