Saturday, April 23, 2011

Argentinian Food Affairs in Mexico City: El Gauchito and La Parrilla Argentina

In the 12 day time span I was in Mexico, I dined at two Argentinian restaurants. They are all over the place in Mexico City and I have a slight obsession with Argentina, growing up hearing amazing stories told by my Greek-Argentinian relatives. 

I couldn't eat tacos al pastor and corn smut quesadillas every single day so these Argentinian resturants warranted visits. 

The first stop was La Parrilla Argentina located in the heart of Mexico City.

We started off with a Mexico Cabernet Sauvignon. Mexico's wine industry has begun to make a resurgence and this particular main stream Domecq Cab was well balanced and smooth. 

Chimicurri is one of my most favorite allurements. Fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. 

And since we were in Mexico, a large bowl of verde salsa was also delivered next to the chimicurri.

Fresh, warm bread also came along with the aforementioned sauces, alongside a pot of herb-peppered butter.

My friend, Jamie, ordered some offals to begin with. She ended up devouring the entire platter. I was too much of a wuss to try any. 

I ordered a caprese empanada instead. It was not only deep fried, but also filled with grease! Unfortunately, no basil was inside. Just oily cheese and tomatoes. Mmmm...

Feeling extremely full from greasy, but delicious appetizers, we ordered some salads. This one came with avocados, green olives, celery, peppers and tomatoes with a tangy vinaigrette.

We enjoyed this salad much more with beets, hard boiled eggs, carrots and watercress.

Another night out roaming the streets of Mexico City with hunger pains, a sign boasting "Pizza y Vino" caught my peripheral vision. Upon closer look, there were signs of fresh empanadas being pumped out of the kitchen. Enter El Gauchito

El Gauchito is a cute neighborhood cafe with just a few tables. My two traveling amigas and I sat at an outside table on the edge of the sidewalk with our feet practically hanging onto the street. Good thing it was a quiet street.

We started off with fresh bread and bowls of chimicurri. This time we got a traditional green chimichurri and a more fierce red chili chimicurri.

We ordered two empanadas: one with mushrooms and one with corn. I'll admit, I was a little disappointed to see friend empanadas. 

Oozing with cheese and their respective filling, they were delicious and not as greasy as La Parrilla's empanadas.

The house salad was stellar: an array of vegetables, hard boiled eggs and limes.

We ordered a pizza half with tomatoes, oregano and green olives and the other half being described as Mexicana with bacon, jalapeños and peppers. 

The bottom had crunch with the remaining dough being airy, not overloaded with grease. Delicious pizza and the best salad in Mexico!

La Parrilla Argentina
Mexico City, D.F.

El Gauchito 
Mexico City, D.F.


JustinM said...

Funny, the pizza doesn't look very good to me, it looks like a typical frozen pizza. But I'll take your word for it.

The empanadas and ESPECIALLY the chimichurri look fantastic.

Even if you hadn't had hunger pains, would you have been able to pass up a "Pizza y vino" sign?

Lenia said...

I have never tasted argentinian cuisine!It seems delicious judging by your fotos that made my mouth water!Happy Easter,Anna!

tasteofbeirut said...

Funny, I took my daughter to an Argentinian restaurant in Beirut; we had mainly good food, but the empanadas was cold in the middle! I think these things should be made at home, frankly!
From all accounts, Argentina is a fabulous country and I would love to visit someday.

Mehjabeen Arif said...

love the huge warm bread and herbed butter.. hmm.. i could smell it here.. Happy Easter Anna !

Joyti said...

The empanadas and the chimichurri both look especially delicious. I can see how flaky the empanada pastry is - delicious.

Banana Wonder said...

JustinM - Hah, you are totally right about the frozen pizza portrayl. I swear it didn't taste like it...
Pizza y vino always calls me too. You are right again.

Lenia - There are a few restaurants in Athens but besides that I don't know where you'd get Argentinian food besides from my Aunt Mary or making it yourself ;-)Kalo Pascha!

tasteofbeirut - Gross, cold in the middle! I would love to visit too someday.. .perhaps this warrants a blogger reunion?

Mahjabeen Arif - Happy easter!

Indie.Tea - Gotta love that chimicurri. I would even put some in my coffee.. jk

Helen said...

Happy Easter Anna! Hope you have a great feast!

I love chichurri! I've tried a store bought jar of chimichurri before but I bet the homemade stuff is more fragrant. Yeah, I'm not an offal fan either :) The salads and the empanadas look incredibly delicious! I could easily eat 5 empanadas without hesitation. Yum!

Maria Verivaki said...

those empanadas look JUST like kalitsounia from Crete!

Happy Easter Anna, thanks for your culinary travel stories, they enrich my own little world here in Crete

Kung Food Panda said...

You need to eat some offals my friend!

Banana Wonder said...

Helen - I have never made homemade chimichurri either. I need to get on it... and so do you. I challenge you to a chimichurri-off! Touche!

Med Kiwi - You are so right, except the fillings are different. Hope you had a lovely Pascha.

Danny - Maybe if you are there to hold my hand...