Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mt. Hood's Alpine Bar and Pizzeria: The Ratskeller

I went up to Timberline Lodge recently to surprise my friend, Sara, for her birthday on a two day ski adventure. After the initial surprise involving black sunglasses at the Timberline Lodge bar and some time on the mountain, we went to the "Rat" for some cozy Mt. Hood style cuisine. 

We started off with an obligatory pitcher of Mt. Hood Ice Axe IPA, the aggressively hopped beer with some buttery nuances and spice, is unsuspectingly complex. 

Sara's fiancée, Mike, who organized the surprise, couldn't stop yapping about the Hawaiian Burger. After all, it was the reason why we were here. 

The USDA ground beer patty melted in with provolone cheese, Canadian ham and canned pineapple in a faux tropical comforting kind of way. 

It did not dissapoint. He even shared, albeit politely begrudgingly.

Something vegetal was necessary to go with our pizza so the Hummus Platter was ordered. It was a good dose of my favorite things in life: hummus, feta and tzatziki. I still don't understand why they cut kalamata olives in half and dice cucumbers so fine. Still, it was a healthy platter with thick, ice cream scooped hummus and full fat yogurt tzatziki. 

We ordered a half and half pizza: Pesto and Lamb Gyro. One side contained a ridiculous amount of pesto accompanied with mozzarella, feta, tomatoes and garlic. The other side carried strips of lamb based gyro meat, red onions, mushrooms, and pesto. 

The pesto was garlic intense, and slathered on generously. I had garlic breath for the next two days and my cholesterol level dropped 10 notches

Since we were staying at the epic Timberline Lodge, we stowed a bottle of champagne in the ice outside our room before leaving. Refrigeration, what?

88335 East Government Camp Loop
Government Camp, OR


Mary Bergfeld said...

It's good the trip was worthwhile. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

JustinM said...

A woman with two-day garlic breath is so cool I can't describe... I've been to Hood River many times, spent some of the most enjoyable afternoons of my life sipping beer and watching the windsurfers, but I've never gone up to Mt. Hood.

Helen said...

What? snow in Oregon? Really? Okay I just showed my ignorance here.
The pizza looks really good and I like garlic intense foods. When a recipe calls for 1 clove of garlic I tend to add 3 cloves. It must be a Greek thing :) Um, where's the dessert?

Banana Wonder said...

Mary - Thanks, I love T- Lodge!

JustinM - I still have not made it to Hood River. Summer time it is called called for.

Helen - Hah, really you didn't know it snowed in Oregon? Mt. Hood is where the US Olympic ski team practices in the summer! It actually just snowed in Portland a few days ago, which is uncommon. Brrrr!

Ivy said...

Sounds like you had lots of fan. The hoummous dish is my favourite.

Banana Wonder said...

Ivy - Hummus is always my favorite!

Sara S said...

beautiful lodge, delicious food, good beer and most importantly great friends! thanks for the surprise :) -sara

Banana Wonder said...

Great weekend Sara and Happy Birthday!