Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almond Croissant Smack Down: Fleur De Lis Bakery & Cafe

It ended like this.

But started like this.

Big strong flakes. The croissant dough is standard. Not extraordinarily delicate or excessively flaky. 

The filling: generous, thick, and sweet with a powerful almond flavor. Fleur De Lis is the most gregarious with their almond filling thus far in the smack down. 

The filling even made it the book ends!

A little about the place: Fleur De Lis is located in the Hollywood district. It's homey and spacious inside with heterogeneous tables and tablecloths scattered throughout the confines. There is a nice patio in front which will be happily visited by yours truly in six months when it's sunny again. Almond croissants are $3, which seems to be the standard going price thus far in the smack down. 

Croissant Smack Down Ratings (So far it's a tie between Fleur De Lis and Lovejoy): 
1. Fleur De Lis
1. Lovejoy Bakers
2. Pearl Bakery

Fleur De Lis Bakery & Cafe
3930 NE Hancock St.
Portland, OR 97212


Ivy said...

Never seen a croissant so flaky before. This reminds me of bougatsa :)

Dewi said...

Mmmmmh, favorite of mine !

Helen said...

Looks good! But I just know you're getting closer... to the Canadian border :)

Banana Wonder said...

Ivy - I wish I could have bougatsa!

Elra - High five!

Helen - Hehe it's like the glass ceiling... this Canada place.

Mary Bergfeld said...

I love the way their croissants look. How can you not love a pastry that shatters? Carry on! Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Dinners and Dreams said...

There is nothing I enjoy more than an almond croissant. The one in the photo is so flaky and makes me want one for breakfast tomorrow, no for dinner tonight!


Banana Wonder said...

Mary - I like the word shatter :)

Dinners and Dreams - I could go for one now as well... dinner croissant, of course!

Diana said...

Dang! When you said "Hollywood District" I thought for a second this bakery was in LA! Boo. Guess I need to come north to get some almond croissant magnificence!

yurt boy said...

My favorite tidbit about Fleur de Lis is that the building used to be a library. My colleague's mother was a librarian there way back when. He told me how when they moved into the building from a location a few blocks away, they moved all the books with a chain of people just handing stacks of books from hand to hand all the way down the street!

When it comes to almond croissants though, the best in town for my money (when I could still eat bread) was St. Honore.

Banana Wonder said...

Diana - This Hollywood aint nothing like that endearing Hollywood sitcom character I know lives in :)

David - Hi! That's funny about the library history. Thanks for the background info. St. Honore is on my list.