Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Holidays From Banana Wonder & Co

Since I have finals these next few days and can't blog, I'm sending out my Christmas card to you.

Wishing you a merry season filled with eggnog mustaches and cozy ski suits. 

With Love from all of us 
(My roommates and I).


Dewi said...

Happy holiday to you and your friends Anna !

Ivy said...

Happy Holiday girls :) You all look wonderful.

Gastronomer said...

Happy holidays to you too! You guys are having way too much fun in PDX ;-) Good luck with finals.

JustinM said...

Good lucky with your finals, Anna. Hopefully you can find some free time to enjoy the holiday season.

Helen said...

Hilarious photo! Happy holidays! Eat well and good luck on your finals :)

Shaheen said...

Very cute picture :)

Happy holidays to you and your friends.

Banana Wonder said...

elra - Happy Holidays to you!

Ivy - Thank you! Happy holidays and I hope I win your new cookbook :)

Cathy - Hehe Thanks, come visit us!

Justin - Thanks, I just finished!

Helen - Thank you sista friend, Happy Holidays to you as well.

Mangocheeks - Thank you! ;)

Calliope said...

Your mustache is the most hardcore ;)

Banana Wonder said...

Calliope - Haha, mine was no doubt the crudest of them all!