Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Purple Potato Gnocchi with Cabernet Caramelized Onions and Blue Cheese

It was my best friend/Heather from Gladstone/landlord's 29th birthday and she really wasn't about to do celebrate. I'd been asking her about it for months in advance. What kind of party does she want? What does she want to do? What kind of food does she want to eat? Nothing.

She was apathetic about her blah blah 29th birthday. 

Of course I wasn't that way about being in my prime. 

Nonetheless, I wanted to do something special for my dear friend. And all I had were a few clues:

1.She loves gnocchi and had been hinting to me to make some after my first go round

2. The girls eats blue cheese by the wheel.

3. She likes the color purple.

4. She likes red wine.

So I decided to make gnocchi with some purple potatoes I picked up from a Russian farmer at the local Southeast (and not the hipster Southeast, the deep Southeast) Portland farmers market. The potatoes were tiny (smaller than eggs), so I didn't end up taking all the skins off. There was too much minuscule surface area and I am no ninja,  plus the skins were thin anyway. I used a ricer as well which helped smooth everything out and added fluff to the dumplings. The results were great and I must say, making gnocchi gets easier the second time around. I will be making more soon, no doubt!


Purple Potato Gnocchi

1 lb Purple potatoes
3/4 cups flour (may need less or more - I used whole wheat flour)
1 egg

Cabernet Caramelized Onion & Blue Cheese Sauce

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup Cabernet Sauvignon 
1/3 -  1/2 crumbled blue cheese
2 Tbsp minced green onions (I would have used chives if I had them)

Directions (* if you are making the sauce as well start caramelizing onions while potatoes are boiling):

1. Peel and boil potatoes in salted water until tender ~ 20 minutes. 

2. chop potatoes up into small cubes.

 3. Either use a fancy ricer or your hands or both and mash into pulp.

4. Add egg, salt and flour until a non-sticky dough ball is formed.

5.  Cut the dough into quarters and roll each quarter out into a long rope until it's about the width of your index finger.

6. Using a floured knife, cut the dough into sections.

7. Make ridges using a fork.

8. Bring a large pot of water to boil. Season water with salt and add gnocchi. Cook until gnocchi float to top. Gently drain.

For the sauce:

Melt butter in a large skillet on medium heat. Add onions and cook on medium-low for about 30 minutes. Once the pan starts browning add the wine and scrap pan.  Add recently drained gnocchi to skillet and swirl together with blue cheese so it melts slightly. Serve immediately with freshly minced green onions/chives.


Dewi said...

Very tempting, love the purple potato. THis is great idea Anna~

Diana said...

Jiraffe in SaMo has an amazing purple potato gnocchi appetizer that I've been craving like mad since I had it three years ago! Might have to try this recipe out! Though I'm still a bit intimidated by making gnocchi!

Bren said...

i just had purple sweet potato for first time and i loved it, color and all. i can only imagine how fabulous the gnocchi is! nice to *meet* you!

Banana Wonder said...

elra - I wonder if they have red and green ones now for xmas? ;P

Diana - You can totally make gnocchi! Come on, exposure therapy!

Bren - This was my first too so high five. Nice to meet you too! Your blog is amazing.

Anonymous said...

What a great gift! I love it when people cook for me. I have recently seen those purple potatoes in the supermarket, but have never tried them.

stuffycheaks said...

seriously Anna, that's inspiring! that looks great!

Banana Wonder said...

Ionna - I agree! I'm going to start dropping hints for my upcoming birthday :)

Stuffycheaks - Aw thanks thanks :)

Helen said...

Delicious Anna! Bravo! At first I had my reservations about purple gnocchi (not sure why, maybe it's the purple colour?) but the end product, with blue cheese and the caramelized onions, looks and sounds incredible! Too bad I can't snatch a piece off of my monitor :)

Joyti said...

That is an exquisite meal. You put so much thought into it, I'm sure you're friend was pleased with her birthday dinner :-D

Banana Wonder said...

Helen - Efxaristw! Hah, I think the purple color actually makes me want to eat it more. I must have got that from my mother ;)

Indie.Tea - Thanks, just another day in the life of a gastrosexual is all ;)

Gastronomer said...

The color is just so pretty! Heather is lucky to have a friend like you :-)

Nate said...

Little bit late to the party here but thanks for posting this recipe! I wanted to know if gnocchi would work out ok with my blue potatoes and your post has given me the confidence to give it a shot - sometimes things made with blue potatoes doesn't look so appetising but yours look yummy!

Banana Wonder said...

Cathy - Aw, gee thanks :-)

Nate - Blue potatoes! Wow, is this for the 4th of July? How did it go?