Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lavender FroYo!: Cool Harry's Yogurt

I know it's getting cold and everyone is forgetting how good frozen confections once were, but one of Portland's food carts continues to peddle one of my favorite icy delicacies: frozen yogurt. Like most food carts with revolving daily or weekly menus, the best way to keep up with them is on twitter. And that's exactly how I've been keeping up with Cool Harry. We tweet, ahem, well I tweet to them and they never respond, but it doesn't get me down. I still knock on their cart-door, announcing my loyal twitter follower-ship, and attempt to pronounce their secret codeword of the day (Do you know what ERINACEOUS means?) and score a free topping. It's fun!

When I heard lavender was offered, and as a lover of edible flowering plants, I had to pay ol Harry (who by the way, is a recent USC grad) a visit. Although I've been to Cool Harry's a few times before (without being a responsible blogger) this time I did not forget my Canon S90.  After all, lavender is the most interesting flavor of frozen yogurt I've ever eaten. The lavender gave off a gloriously relaxing and floral essence to the tart-cultured yogurt. Refreshing, light and heavenly!

...with a side of advice and/or stories from this guy. 

In the past few weeks Cool Harry's has been pumping out interesting flavors including Apple Cider, Pumpkin, and Cinnamon. Warm flavors in frozen yogurt to keep the froyo mojo coming. I'm loving the creative culture these guys are bringing and looking forward to more fun flavors! Pink Berry -wha?

Cool Harry's Frozen Yogurt
SW 10th and Alder
Portland, OR 
Follow them on twitter for the latest flavors!


Ruth Abatzoglou said...

Wow! This is a new flavor for me and I thought I knew everything. I have used lavender soaps and lavender bath salts but lavender yogurt is a new one. Sounds great to me. I'll have to try it when I come to visit you.

Love Mom

Ivy said...

How interesting. If I lived in your town I would go and taste all these wonderful flavours. I bought lavender last year to try it in baking but it seems it's going into the closet with the linen.

Matthew Carpenter said...

Have you every paid for stories yet? I think I'm completely sold on a froyo-and-storytime stop.

Strong post, I feel like you should get free toppings for life with regard to the business you're gonna give them.

Helen said...

Lavender is one of my fave ice-cream flavours. Subtle and flowery. I also like lavender shortbread and lavender lemonade - yum! This fro-yo looks really good but the cold weather over here is no longer suitable for frozen treats. It's definitely hot chocolate season, with whip cream of course :)

Banana Wonder said...

Mom - Oh, you would have loved this one! I'm sure you'd want to soak in a bath tub full of lavender flowers and eat this.

Ivy - I am trying! It's getting harder now that winter is setting in.

Matthew - I have not paid for stories yet, but I will next time, well actually, I'd opt for the advice. I might have to bring my camera for that too.

Helen - I love lavender shortbread too! Reason No. 476 we are sistas from different mistas. It's getting cold here too now, I am about ready to cash in my fro-yo chips and hit the ho-cho (ahem, hot chocolate) as well.

Gastronomer said...

I LOVE and ADORE pumpkin fro yo :-) Keep warm, Anna!

sophia said...

What is a USC grad doing all the way in Portland?! Come back to SoCal, my froyo genius!

I love the idea of lavender froyo...

And who in their right mind will get the "way small" size?

Joyti said...

Ooo, sounds delicious. I usually eat my yogurt non-frozen (and I love thick Greek-style yogurt with toasted nuts, my favorite fruit of the moment, and honey) and ice cream cold.
...I've had lavender creme brulee and made lavender panna cotta. But now I think you've inspired me to try making lavender ice cream.

Anonymous said...

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Banana Wonder said...

Gastronomer - I love pumpkin anything!

Sophia - We're keeping him up here! ...and who knows about the small size, why bother, right?

Indie.Tea - I can totally see you whipping up some lavender ice cream! I was thinking about it too, but need to pay a visit to the Farmer's Market first :)