Friday, November 26, 2010

In Anticipation of Cyber Monday: A $45 Giveaway

Large Ravenscroft Omega Wine Decanter

Today was the first day I've ever went Black Friday shopping in my life. And it kinda sucked. I got bumped, poked and prodded all for the chance to find something I had to convince myself to buy since I've already made it this far in the consumer game. Obviously, people enjoy the chaos, noise and thrill of it all. Not me. All day I yearned for the peace and quiet of the she-cave and civil, zen-like online shopping. I close my eyes, harness my inner chi and imagine the stress free shopping environment at CSN Stores, featuring over 200+ stores with only one checkout.  This is the hot spot to find incredible products such as sling backpacks, salad spinners, and satin sheets. CSN has offered one of my readers a $45 gift certificate.

  • To win, just leave a comment telling me how you would spend $45 at CSN Stores.
  • For an extra entry, become a follower of my blog or comment if you already are.

Nordicware 57248 - Fairytale Cottage Bundt Pan

Giveaway end Monday night (November 29 at 11:59 PST). Be sure to leave your email address so I know how to contact you if you win. 


Anonymous said...

black friday was crazy i'm not a fan of the being pushed & ran-into either!
i'm a follower, i would buy more of the set of dishes i got when i won a CSN giveaway before :)


Themis said...

Hi Anna. Love your blog/website. I appreciate your passion for promoting Greek culture and cuisine, as well as your interesting sense of humor.

I must disagree, however, about turkey being a dry, tasteless bird. For as long as I can remember, my father (a retired restauranteur) and for the past 8 years, my wife (a superb professionally trained chef), have produced exquisite galopoula (turkey). During Canadian Thanksgiving, in fact, we usually prepare 4-6 turkeys and also buy additional drumsticks, wings and turkey necks as many in the 100 or so family and friends who gather in my parents' house north of Toronto love the taste of dark meat, especially the neck! So, perhaps buying an assortment of turkey parts one actually enjoys, may increase the chance of someone appreciating turkey more.

Wishing you and your entire family a Happy (American) Thanksgiving,

Themis and Ioanna from Toronto, Canada

Themis and Ioanna said...

Hi, again, Anna. I totally forgot to state that I would love to use the CSN giveaway to get my wife an immersion hand blender as the one we've had for many years finally gave out when we made a pumpkin-ginger soup last Canadian Thanksgiving. Item:
Cost? $49.95....oops! I guess that's over the $45 value of the giveaway.


ms-texas said...

I would use the CSN gift certificate toward the purchase of a new crockpot!


ms-texas said...

I am a new blog follower!


gourmetpigs said...

Last year I went to Toys R Us at 4 am to line up, and still came away with nothing. Never again!

I think I also want a crockpot, or a cast iron tea kettle :)

Banana Wonder said...

Themis - it's a gift certificate to redeem online, so you can use the $45 towards anything and pay the difference.

Ashley said...

I would get a new dog bed.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Ashley said...

I'm a gfc follower.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Ivy said...

There are so many cooking gadgets I still need. One that comes to my mind is a cooking thermometre, a blow torch, an immersion hand blender, etc. Maybe I should write to Santa.

Matthew Carpenter said...

I'd try to get a rug to tie the room together.

theoryno3 said...

Hey Anna, this is neat! Yea, post-Black Friday shopping is still nuts. I prefer online shopping, even though trying to imagine how and where things fit becomes a challenge at times. For the gift cert, I'm probably gonna grab some gardening tools. I just got a small plot of fertile dirt at my grad housing complex! Gonna see whether being a code monkey translate to having a green thumb =)

Ciao and thanks!

Dewi said...

What a wonderful giveaway Anna !

Liz said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I'd get some new shoes!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

Liz said...

I'm a follower!

eemoody77 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Anna your blogs are HYSTERICAL! I LOVE reading them! I agree that black friday shopping SUCKS, BUT when you have two kiddos and a tight budget you NEED good deals! I have to say, that a $45 gift certificate would help my family put a little something under the tree for both Jesse and new tupperware! HA! Something that we really need!!!

I will keep on reading your blogs because they remind me of just how creative, eclectic and FANTASTIC you are!!! Much love Banana!

Mary Bergfeld said...

Sorry the foray was unpleasant. I'd probably get a gratin dish, but that could change. I hope today is more enjoyable for you. Blessings...Mary.

The College Lie said...

I would buy Dopler more dog toys. He destroys everything we buy him.

Anonymous said...
If I were to win a $45 cyber monday giveaway prize from CSN I would buy a panini press to replicate your delicious greek grilled cheese sandwiches! I would eat them every day and I would even offer them to true friends for sharing!
I heart Banana Wonder!!!!!

Ruth Abatzoglou said...

Hi Anna,
CSN is a new store for me. Your post got me looking into it. I guess I would get one of those little sling backpacks too. It looks like something that would help keep me organized. I wonder if there is a pocket in it that Zoie would fit in. She can't stand to be away from me these days.

Take care. Love Mom

Themis and Ioanna said...

Oops! I left no email address.


Alex Abatzoglou said...

Hello Anna,

I love your sense of humor, you are the funniest sister that I have! If I were to win the $45, I would buy:

"Drum Roll"


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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