Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bar Snack of Bar Snacks: Laurelwood NW Public House

Sadly, it no longer looks like this in Portland now. The sunglasses have been stowed away - not to return for another 7 months. That's okay because Portland has a vast supply of microbreweries and pubs to distract from the lack of awesomely harmful UV rays. One of them being Laurelwood Brewery (Portland's first certified organic brewery) started by a husband and wife duo 9 years ago. Besides the beers being fantastically hoppy - in true Portlandia fashion, Laurelwood Public House serves up my most coveted bar snack.

Chickpea Fries ($5) with tzatziki and harissa aioli have won me over. The earthy, hearty spears made out of chickpea flour and spices have the perfect golden crunch on the outside with a deliciously doughy center. The two dipping sauces are superb - a little spicy from the harissa aioli contrasted with the cool cucumbery tzatziki makes for the perfect beer accompanying snack. I wouldn't dare drink my beer with anything else!

Pssssst! These are $4 during happy hour

The beers are righteous and come with über green names like "Tree Hugger Porter" and "Free Range Red." I, for one, being an IPA kinda gal, vouch for the Workhorse IPA

Hot Tip: $3 during happy hour

And maybe you're wondering what those black objects are in the background? My sister in law, visiting from Moscow, ID, foraged for blackberries in a nearby park to share during happy hour (with our server as well).

FYO (Forage Your Own) Blackberries

Laurelwood NW Public House
2327 NW Kearney St.
Portland, OR 97210


JustinM said...

I've had their beer, but never their food. It looks tasty, better than anything I ever had at Rogue.

Dewi said...

Be nice if you can get the recipe for that chickpea fries, would they share the recipe you think?

Shaheen said...

Oh you have just inspired me. I am so going to make these chickpea fries soon. I have an idea how its made - well I should coming from a South Asian family where deep fried pakoras aka onion bhajis (made with chickpea flour aka besan) were the rage. Thank you for sharing.

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

Wow! I'm wondering if they'd be kind to share the recipe as well.

Helen said...

I'm drooling here! That's my kind of food Anna! Chickpea fries, who would have thought? Brilliant!

Banana Wonder said...

JustinM - hah, oh no, another Rogue hater!

Elra - I asked them for it! ...will let you know

Mangocheeks - Will you share your recipe? ;)Please.

Peter - I asked them!

Helen - I know, right? The best bar snack!

Shaheen said...

Hi Anna,

I did manage to create a version in my own kitchen. Hope you like. Kind wishes.

Banana Wonder said...

Mangocheeks- I am so impressed! I will make these soon.