Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Once you go Greek, Go #PDX: Portland Greek Fest

Who needs Tom Hanks when you have Souvlaki Boy?

As a (former) proud member of Los Angeles St. Sophia church (alongside Tom Hanks, Mike Dukakis, Nia Vardalos, Anna Vissi and my celebrity parea crew Constantine Maroulis, Vlas P., Nick V. and Patricia K.) I should be telling you Los Angeles has the best Greek festival in the world. I should be telling you as a loyal festival volunteer and guest blogger, but I changed my mind after last weekend's Portland Greek Festival. Even though half of Portland was there, I did not hear any tragic stories about dear friend's cars getting towed at wee hours of the night (feeling pangs and pangs of guilt) or how they ran out of moussaka. I did not wait in line 30 minutes for a stick of overcooked meat priced at $7 for exactly 3 cubes of mediocre meat. Nope. I lived the good life as shown below:

Amazing rosemary flecked loukaniko (Greek sausage)
Cheese and Olive Plate feat kefalotyri, feta and kasseri

Pork Sourvlaki
The Original Gyro
Entrance Tokens aka Talentos

Long Lost Choillas Boys
Mind blowing pastichio
Greek salt for sale?
Rows and rows of glyko
Last but not least, a mastiha exhibit!

Can't wait until next year's festival!


JustinM said...

Ah yeah. I went to that once. (My brother went to college in Salem, two of my good friends moved to Portland 5 years ago, and my best friend from high school got married there, so I've been up there at least a dozen times in my adult life.) I agree with you 100%, not only is it the best Greek Festival I have been to, it is one of the best festivals of any kind.

Peter M said...

Bravo to the Portland GreekFest organizers...they made me hungry!

Dewi said...

Can't be more Greek then this, can it? Delicious !

Anonymous said...

mmm loukoumades, i realllyy want them now lol

Diana said...

That's a mean Greek sausage. I don't think you should be showing this post to Quarry Girl either... ;)

Glad you had fun at the fest, TALF!

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

I'm fascinated with Greeks living all over the world! Bravo! This looked amazing Anna! And delicious too!

Helen said...

It all looks so yummy! I have a huge sweet tooth so I zeroed in on the loukoumades (Greek honey balls). Which reminds me, I should hop down to the local Greek bakery and get me some of them honey balls!

Esi said...

My mouth is watering at that cheese and the gyro. I wonder how many Greek festivals you've been to!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

OMG, I am drooling... It is one of my favorite cuisines!



Anh said...

I can totally relate to the people whose mouths are watering from looking at the pictures.

Foodjunkie said...

Looks great. I wonder who thought of "πανηγυρι τάλαντο" ! :-)

stuffycheaks said...

yum!! I hear ya.. i am so OVER crazy lines and overpriced food at the festies here. I had to look up what pastichio is.. OMG.. def something I would love!

Banana Wonder said...

JustinM - Oh wow, so I got your backing/blessing too. It was the best Greek fest food I've ever had and the smoothest event. Plus, no cover!

Peter - Yeah, they did an awesome job! Symfonw!

Elra - Classic Greek to the max!

SassyAgapi - Hehe yeah, I could use some too right about now!

Diana - Hahah you crack me up. Ssssh please keep this one of the DL from QG!

Peter - Thanks! I totally share your curiosity!

Helen - Words cannot express my level of jealous in your "local Greek bakery"

Esi - Hehe thanks - I've been to about 6 different ones, so that that crazy. I must go to more!!

Rosa - I share your exact feelings.

Anh - Heehe, well if you decide to come up around the same time next year, expect those drools to realize!

Foodjunkie - hahah I have no idea! I liked it though :)

Stuffycheaks - yeah, I totally know what you mean. Come up next year for the fest then :) )))

yutjangsah said...

I guess everything's better in Portland! Isn't it!! La dee dah. Maybe I'll have to go next year just to... prove you wrong. Yah tht's it and maybe I'll have some of that amazing looking food. That'll show you Bananawonder.

tobias cooks! said...

What a fest. I would have loved to be there too.

Banana Wonder said...

Sook - Well, not everything is better... I just like to point out the good stuff is all :) La de dah and make you want to come visit, not just tweet by.

Tobias - you should come for next year! Opa!