Friday, October 8, 2010

My Death Penalty Dinner (Don't Hate): Pick up Stix, Huntington Beach

I should be ashamed of myself:

A product of Cupertino and proud graduate of Monta Vista High School, where even the coolest kid would earn nerdship status at any other public high school in America. The truth is, all our parents were some form of geeky Silicon Valley engineerd, and we were merely the spawns are smashed together in delayed puberty hoping for nothing more than maintaining our 4.3 (weighted) GPAs and receiving acceptance letters to (at least) UC Berkeley. And, yeah, I was that one tall "white" (well, actually, I did my best to fit in and explain, I was Asian - er Asia-minor Greek) girl. The majority of my friends were Chinese or Taiwanese, and exactly 10 inches shorter than me.

All those mah jong nights and Chinese school soccer team games (I had everyone fooled I was half Chinese half tall-freak).

All those hot bowls of dong gua tang aka winter-melon soup, green onion pancakes, red bean buns and acquiring the taste for salt on my fuiji apples.

You'd think I'd give nothing more than a rolled eye to a Southern Californian Chinese fast food chain.

You'd think I'd swear allegiance to the braised bean curd I grew up eating.

And I wish I could agree, but there is nothing more delicious than Pick Up Stix's Mongolian Tofu. So good that on my recent trip back to the OC, I insisted we order, not one, but three magic boxes of the stuff.
What started out as being my special dish - requested during one of my 50+ days of fasting from animal products for Greek Orthodox lent stints- has turned into a family favorite. It's so good that I took crazy amounts of photos of the stuff.

And it's not even on the menu. I'd like to further credit myself for ordering this off of seeing the only description for Mongolian something or other being Mongolian Beef:

A beef-lover’s must. Rich soy and garlic with white and green onions over crispy rice noodles.

Scratch the beef and add the tofu. This is what I will eat before I die and go to Traitor-of-Real-Chinese-Food Hell.

And to top off the already bizarreness of this post, I leave you with a new clip of my dad eating (this particular Pick Up Stix meal) aka, feat my 92 year old grandfather and my little brother's sasquach chuckling at the end.

Pick up Stix
7041 Yorktown Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Laurie Constantino said...

Hahahahahahahahaha!! Love your dad!

Peter M said...

That's alot of corns starch and MSG.....BOING!

Dewi said...

Actually, I do this too sometime. Once in a while I permit my body to eat take out Chinese :)

Diana said...

Haha and this is why I love you. Tofu > Beef. 3 orders of Tofu > 1 order of Tofu.

stuffycheaks said...

salt on apples? interesting. you are more asian than I am :)

JustinM said...

I moved to Colorado for a year when I was 21. After three months away I drove back for Thanksgiving. When I arrived back in town about 11 in the morning, I didn't even stop at my parents' house first; I went straight to Pick Up Stix for a salad with their lime-cilantro dressing and some House Special Chicken. So I would never judge you.

Banana Wonder said...

Laurie - Hahaaa thanks - glad you appreciate his sense of humor :)

Peter - Ahem, this is healthy Southern California, which means NO MSG! Corn starch... well I am sure of that!

Elra - hehe good to know :)

Diana - Yes! High five TALFy!

Stuffycheaks - WHY THANK YOU! This is the complement I've been waiting for my whole life!

JustinM - That's so funny! I will have to try their salad next time I'm back in So Cal just for you.

Helen said...

I could go for some of that greasy tofu goodness. I agree: scratch the beef! Your dad is quite amusing and a champ for agreeing to be filmed and displayed on-line for millions to see!

Banana Wonder said...

Helen - you flatter me! I wish a million people visited Banana Wonder. My dad welcomes any and all attention!

Gastronomer said...

"Authentic" or not, this Mongolian tofu that you speak of sounds delicious! I haven't eaten at Pick up Stix before, but when the time comes, I'll know what to order!

Eddie Lin said...

Oh no, you didn't.

Banana Wonder said...

Gastronomer - I suppose the do have locations in Pasadena? But I don't blame you very never bothering with all the other valid distracting substitutes around. Oh, I wish I could have some now!

Eddie - Oppps! Did I do that?? (Urckle voice)