Sunday, October 17, 2010

3 Wedding Dresses and 8 courses of Vietnamese Style Chinese Banquet Goodness: Paracel Seafood, Westminster

I did not go here (and fly down from Portland) just for dinner. It was for my beloved friend, former colleague, and Little Saigon's fliest's wedding. Diana got married (changing into a total of three wedding dresses throughout the night). After having my first taste of shark fin soup and a Vietnamese style wedding when my little brother got married a few months ago, I was eager for Diana's more extravagant tri-lingual wedding (DJ announced in Vietnamese, Cantonese and English). 

My awesome date and personal oracle, Evangelos

We started off with a Seafood Sampler, complete with claws, honey walnut shrimp (stop whispering in my ear about the mayo!), shrimp cocktail and my favorite, seaweed salad. 

Lil Saigon's finest Seafood Sampler 

Next came the Shark Fin, Crab Meat and Asparagus Soup. I was really excited to try this again after having what was believed to be a faux shark fin soup at my little brother's wedding. It turns out I am not a fan of the highly gelatinous soup. The overly jelly texture threw me off and I could not finish, despite my narcissist tendencies pinnacled by the ooo's and aaaa's from the table about soup's beauty benefits.

Shark Fin Soup this

The Stuffed Crab Claw, however, was a sweet juicy winner. Comparable to crab cake but with more crab plus claw anatomy attached. Pure awesomeness. 

I'll shake this hand plus some

The Black Pepper Files Mignon resembling Bo Luc Lac was well received by the crowds. Tender indeed, but there was rice in need. 

The cow

The House Special Baked Lobster was ions better than the one at my brother's wedding. Tons of sweet meat to be had and to go around.  The house also likes their pepper shaker. 

The Lobster

My favorite of the night was by far the Peking Duck. I liked it so much I took an ultra creepy close up photo (see below, below). The meat was perfectly lardy tasting the way I like it; like a fatty wild chicken. Delicious pieces of subcutaneous meat and fat that I stuffed inside doughy buns with green onions and plum sauce. Mmmmmm!

Duck, the other, other dark meat

I kind of OD'ed on the duck and had just a few bites left in me. The Deep Fried Bass with Sweet & Sour Sauce caught me off guard. I was expecting pork, not the other, other, other white meat from the sea. It was still a visibly stunning and beautiful dish. Got to love the color of sweet & sour sauce. 

Sea Bass spotted in Westminster

The Yang Chow Fried Rice was our last hurrah (and first official carb of the night). I do love fried rice and this conglomerate of pork and sweet shrimp was a score in my books.

Fried Rice done Right

Now for the three wedding dresses:

1) Traditional American

2) Traditional Vietnamese feat bling rock

3) Valentine Grand Finale Gown

More wedding pictures:

Paracel Seafood Restaurant
15583 Brookhurst St.
Westminster, CA 92683


Anonymous said...

wow thats a lot of food! & most of it looks really good! (i don't know how i feel about shark fin soup lol)

Ivy said...

Wow, that is a five-stars banquet and would surely would love to be a guest. Wish all the best to your friend and wow again: three wedding dresses!!

stuffycheaks said...

sounds like an awesome meal. i love peking duck, even if its unhealthy. haha is your bro going to be hurt that you said his lobster wasn't as gd?

JustinM said...

I would eat that fried crab claw for breakfast if it were in front of me right now.

Dewi said...

Wonderful wedding. Congratulation to your friend Anna.

Gastronomer said...

Vietnamese girls are SO high maintenance!

Sharks Fin Soup makes me depressed:,8599,2009391,00.html

Joyti said...

Great looking food - the wedding sounds just amazing!

Banana Wonder said...

SassyAgapi - Haha, yeah, I felt the same way, and now I know I just don't dig it.

Ivy - Efxaristw, next time you're in town and I have an invite, I will surely take you as my date ;)

Stuffycheaks - peking duck rocks!

JustinM - I would too, maybe even dunk it into my coffe. Crazziness.

Elra - Thanks!!

Gastronomer - haha, what are you trying to say????

Indie.Tea - Yum it was delicious for sure.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for the Blog Anna! It was so wonderful to have you there on my Big Day! It sure was the Biggest Day of my life, and I am blessed to have family and great friends like yourself there to share this special day w/ me. Much love!!! You're the Best!!!! Love you! -Diana

Helen said...

I have never attended an Asian wedding before. The food looks amazing! Especially the seafood dishes. Usually at weddings, I eat minimally during the main course so I can visit the dessert table 3 times! At this wedding, I'd be eating everything in sight before dessert was served!

LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

what a feast! and stuff crab claw whaaa i want now!

Banana Wonder said...

Diana - Congrats again, your wedding was amazing and you made the most beautiful bride I've ever seen! Nick is lucky!

Helen - I was just telling Diana (bride)how I didn't get to try any of the cake - they had apparently run out but then sent the bride and groom home with half the cake! lol saklamaries einai!

Natassia - hah me too!

Anonymous said...

I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?