Sunday, October 24, 2010

11 Month Burger-Free Streak Ends: Violetta

Broke it!

It's been 11 months since I last tackled that $21 burger, commencing a red-meat induced crazed obsessive crush on Grace's ridiculously hot sommelier. But a lot has changed since then: Greek Tutor GT got deported for mandatory Greek Military service, my beloved red Audi officially licensed "NTOMATA" (TOMATO in Greeklish) got totaled on the 405 by some nitwit, and I moved to Portland. Now living the car-less-polar fleecey-student life, the itching for a burger has come back. Either that or a gentle reminder from my 6-foot frame that I've been neglecting my 1,000% of-your-daily-iron-allowance pills for the last seven months. Whoops. Time to eat a burger.

And if I'm going to eat a burger, I'm going to do it right.

This was a big occasion and I wasn't about to blow it on a quarter pounder or some skanky T.G.I.Friday's thang. On the other hand, I didn't need no stinking fancy resturant to end my streak. Afterall, a burger is fast food. I would end it all at one of Portland's finest slow fast food joints: Violetta. A joint teamed with the city's parks and recreations located smack dab in the middle of Director Park in the city center. I was going to end it with a 1/2 lb grass feed, dry aged black angus beef patty from Highland Oak Farm in Scio, OR lodged between a brioche bun baked by Grand Central Bakery.

It's the burger Portlanders rave about. 

To start, I began with a glass of the juicy house red made for Violletta by local Torii Mor Winery.

As you can see from exhibit a below, the burger is all from the 'hood. 

Exhibit a

Instead of getting jiggy with it and ordering of their prized "Oregon Blue Burger" I opted for the simple Violetta Burger ($7.50) equipped with house burger sauce, butter lettuce (obviously), red onion and their prized "10 hour tomatoes," and super dills.  

Straight up burger

The burger was everything it should (or at least a humble novice like me thinks so); the spongy bun sinking in and giving way to the juicy beef patty plus friends upon first bite. It was the righteous amount of all burger compenents in one. I smiled and drooled. I felt Patriotic. It wasn't life changing, but it made me very happy. 

Tha HIZ got the Violetta with Bacon and Cheese ($8.50) which I snagged a few bites off of. Delicious. But I liked my simple burger the best.

Although Violetta has heavily sought after white truffle fries and Oregonzola fries, we went for the classics sharing a large order of the Hand Cut Yukon Gold Potato Fries ($5.00) with Harissa Ketchup and Herbed Aioli. Over the moon fries; perfectly crispy outside but slightly doughy inside. 

877 SW Taylor
Portland, OR 97205


weezermonkey said...

Wow! Those are some burgers!

I love the diagram. :)

Trina said...

I can't stop drooling!!! Those patties look mighty tasty.

JustinM said...

My favorite Portland burger was at Cava, but I think that's been closed for more than a year. I have to say, though, this one looks better.

Dewi said...

They look pretty appetizing though I am not a burger fan :)

Diana said...

I think one of these days you and I need to break our burger-free streaks together! Though I have to say, I'm already hungry for another one after Bastide's a couple weeks ago...

Can two weeks count as a burger-free streak?

Banana Wonder said...

Weezermonkey - Hehe thanks, it was a good way to end it!

Trina - We can go when yo come visit :)

JustinM - I've never never heard of Cava, but my roommate tells me the Country Cat is a great contender.

Elra - Hehe, yeah, I'm with you, but every once in a while the burger itch comes back.

Diana - You are turning into a burger eating machine since I've left. You wild woman, you :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your site for the reason that you can always bring us fresh and cool things, I feel that I should at least say thanks for your hard work.

- Henry

Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

What a good way to end your burger free period! That burger does look good Anna! (although I am a bacon and cheese man!)

Gastronomer said...

Your dynamite post has got me craving a burger. I still gots to go to Rustic Canyon - the site of D Takes a B's deflowering.

Helen said...

If I were a fan of beef burgers, I would be drooling at the moment. Great descriptive post, Anna! Mind you I am drooling at the moment over the french fries!! Can't get enough of the patata!

sophia said...

HOly crap. What I would give to chomp on that burger!!!

Banana Wonder said...

Henry - Thank you for stopping by and I will try my hardest to continue bringing the funky-fresh.

Peter - Thanks :) Although my next burger would be something more like your portobello-halloumi burger :)

Cathy - Hah, oh stop making me jealous with all this deflowering DTAB talk!

Helen - reason #256 that we are sisters from another mister. I'm not a red beef burger gal either, I just play one every year or so :P

Sophia - Haha you make me want to get my chomp on.

Esi said...

Omg, 11 months burger free?! I don't know what I would do. Glad you re-entered burger land in a most delicious way.

Marie said...

Yum! Love the occasion of your burger embargo ending. :)

Banana Wonder said...

Esi - Haha, I think I might change it to once a month now :) I just love veggie burgers too much!

Marie - Haha thanks, gotta stand for something, right?