Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Because It's Still Hot: Gazpacho with Avocado

My older brother, John, Meteorologist Extrodinaire, who, ahem, you might have heard on NPR a few times, emailed me yesterday a fun "Another good reason not to be in LA today" fact. All time record highs. 113 degrees Fahrenheit in downtown Los Angeles, my old stomping ground. And although it is not nearly as hot in the Pacific Northwest, it is still warm enough to want to cool down. So, before it cools down too much, I thought I'd share this LA Times inspired Avocado Gazpacho I made as part of of my 7 Courses of Olive Oil. Avocados have always been a major food group for me. I was a super picky eater as a child; not drinking milk and barely eating any meat. My mom would pack an entire avocado for my lunch (with a cherry Squeeze-It to wash it all down) in elementary school and even now it's not uncommon for me to eat an entire avocado in one seating. I'd like to think of myself as the "Avocado Baby" that grew to be six feet with nary a milk mustache.

The creamy, cool, satisfying lime-green gazpacho is a tribute to my home state - using California 'cados and Califoria extra virgin olive oil. It's also super easy to make and can be served as a appetizer or as a main part of the meal depending on serving sizes. I ended up adding a lot of water (more than what was saved from bread crumb soaking) to thin the soup down as I didn't want this soup to be mistaken for some form of mutated guacamole.

From the LA Times Recipe
Servings: 4-8 depending on what kind of course
1 cup packed fresh bread crumbs
Water for soaking the bread crumbs
2 cloves garlic
1 pound ripe avocados (about 3), peeled and chopped
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup California extra-virgin olive oil
11/2 teaspoons salt
Chopped green onion, for garnish
Chopped tomato, for garnish
Chopped cilantro (optional), for garnish
1. Soak the bread crumbs in water to cover until softened. Drain off the excess water (reserve the water to thin the soup if desired) and place the bread in a blender with the garlic. Purée until smooth. Add the avocados and lemon juice and purée. Blend in the oil and salt. Thin the soup, as desired, with the reserved water.
2. Serve the gazpacho at room temperature or chilled. Garnish each serving with chopped green onion, tomato, cilantro and drizzle of olive oil.


Peter M said...

THIS, my dear is a gorgeous andcold soup...I want a serving and a warm day at the beach...make it so!

Jude said...

I OD-ed on avocados all summer, so I'm loving this!

Dewi said...

Yes, it is even hotter her in CA. Avo gazpacho sounds definitely refreshing.

Diana said...

Yes, you should definitely be glad to be far far far away from LA right now. These past three days have been m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-e.

So I've been making them a little less miserable with my own home remedy... Rose. ;)

stuffycheaks said...

note to self: feed future kids lots of avocado, esp if I end up with a short hubby..

Banana Wonder said...

Peter - Efxaristw!...and a corona!

Jude - Hah, good to know even if you OD-ed you can still muster up the appetite for more 'cados. I don't think I can ever OD!

elra - Hope it's cooled down there somewhat.

Diana - Haha, thanks for the non-guilt trip TALF.

Stuffycheaks - Hahaha, yeah, forget about that milk theory. It's all about the avocado babies!

Helen said...

Looks delicious Anna! I love avocados, it's too bad they cost $1.30 each in some markets here in Ontario! No milk and 6 feet tall? I'm so jealous!

Banana Wonder said...

Helen - Hmm not sure what the Canadian dollar - US dollar exchange rate is, but the avos are also expensive here in Oregon too! So funny because just a few months ago I was picking avocados off my friend's grandma's tree (at about 15 at a time)!

Val said...

Drool, I'am an avocado kinda gal.

Banana Wonder said...

Val - Avo lovers unite!

nenou said...

Another Avo Lover! I just bought 4 so I can enjoy them tonight in this yummy recipe. My greetings from Athens of 28 oC!

Banana Wonder said...

Nenou - Geia sou! I want to hear pos pernai to gazpacho!!

Anonymous said...

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