Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Life of Dead Guy: Rogue Brewery Headquarters, Newport OR

Rogue's Dead Guy Ale has been a long time favorite of mine. Living in Portland in the early 2000s, I was used to finding it on tap at almost every bar, but after living in Southern California for the last six years I came to see it as a rarity along with Rogue's other delicious beers. On my way back up to Portland, my friend, Jessica, and I stopped by Rogue Brewing Headquarters located along the mystical Oregon Coast, for a tour and taste.

Rogue was started by two University of Oregon fraternity brothers in 1988 in Ashland, Oregon but soon moved up the coast to a less land-locked region to brew and sell brews, thus settling in the old historic bay front of Newport. The brew-mance story gets pretty interesting; highlights include the promise of displaying the old Clam Chowder Restaurant owners photo, nude in a bath tub, over their first bar. You can read more here or go on the tour!

That explains the Track Town Ale!

There are three and free beer tours a day, and since we arrived a little early for the afternoon tour, we decided to start the tour off at the facility's upstairs bar with a few samples. There is an official sample of the day, which everyone gets no matter what. On this particular day it was the Maierfest Lager, a gold German lager with strong malt aroma.

 Vas es Maierfest Lager

To go with our beer samplers, we ordered the Rogue Hazelnut Ale Bread ($5.25), baked with their Hazelnut Brown Nectar (one of my favorites!) and topped with mozzarella. The chewy bread gave off a super yeasty scent and proved to be a perfect palate cleanser between sips of brew.

Made with Hazelnut Brown Nectar...mmmmmmm

For my sampler I chose the following (please excuse my bad handwriting, yaya, shoulda been a doctor):

The beers served up in order. Look at the color of that yellow snow! The Chipotle Ale is made with actual chipotle peppers, producing an eye opening chili flavor while the Juniper Ale, produced with juniper berries gives a floral aroma and dry spicy finish. It was no surprise that the Yellow Snow IPA left a lingering bitterness. The Old Crustacean, known as the cognac of beers, was robust and super malty. It was too intense for me and I couldn't even finish my sample.

Chipotle Ale, Juniper Pale Ale, Yellow Snow and Old Crustacean

Jessica's selection:

The Mom Hefeweizen, infused with ginger and coriander, gave off a chicken soup like aroma. It was really something magnificent! The Manage A Frog was a lot of fun, having notes of orange blossom and toasty baguette while the Triple Jump was a little too thick and hoppy for my liking. The Shakespeare Stout, an earthy oatmeal stout with an ebony color, was also a little too intense for a summer afternoon.

Shakespeare's Stout, Triple Jump, Manage A Frog, and Mom Hefeweizen

We continued on the tour:

Then drove to my new home in Portland where I was appropriately welcomed by my dear friend, Heather, and the prospect of having Dead Guy Ale available on tap, everywhere. Dead Guy is alive!

Rogue Brewing
2320 OSU Dr
Newport, OR 97365


Nicolette said...

Mmm... Dead guy ale. Aren't we lucky up here? Looks like you had a great trip!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

You know, I have yet to do a brewery or wine tour in Oregon!

weezermonkey said...

I don't even drink beer, yet this was the Best Post Ever.

Exile Kiss said...

Hi Anna,

Nice! :) Have you ever been to The Bruery in Placentia (LA / OC border)? Another fun, interesting brewery to visit. :)

sophia said...

I don't really drink alcohol, but I think that's so cool that you thought to do a beer tour and bro would love that though!

Heh heh. LOVE the banana suit!

Banana Wonder said...

Nicolette - So lucky and so happy to be here :)

Wandering Chopsticks - What? Ok next time...

Weezermonkey - You don't drink beer? What!

Exile Kiss - Never been to the Bruery... I will have to look into that :) Thanks for the hot tip.

Sophia - Yeah, I might be borrowing the banana suit :) And what, you don't drink beer? gasp!

Austin S. said...

they've got Dead Guy Ale at Barney's...

Banana Wonder said...

Austin - meh, never have gone there, but good to know for the future :)

Nathan Hazard said...

You know, I never did this while living in Oregon! Love Rogue... Looks like a lovely Portland porch, enjoy your return to high quality living!

stuffycheaks said...

Looks like you're having a blast! The Mom sounds nice and spicey. love love ginger

Banana Wonder said...

Chocomeat - I think Portlander have their hands full enough visiting the Portland breweries! They keep popping up everywhere.

Stuffycheaks - Yah, mom's was tops! I bought some to take home and maybe for when my mom visits (if there are any left).