Sunday, August 29, 2010

High Tea: Jin Patisserie, Venice

Growing up, I used to tear through the JC Penny catalog tagging all the mom-and-daughter matching outfits which I would later beg my Significant (m)Other to get. You know, the ones that look like this:
(Luckily) She never agreed to it.

Besides the matching outfits, the other girlie thing I dreamed about was having high tea (which may be caused from irregular childhood addiction of watching  Masterpiece Theatre on PBS) and the thought of being in a civilized environment away from my rowdy brothers. I finally had the chance a few years ago to have high tea in Victoria, B.C., but the time had come to have tea again. The perfect opportunity arose to meet my friends Esi of Dishing Up Delights and Fiona of Gourmet Pigs in Venice one Saturday afternoon for high tea before jumping states to Oregon.

Abbot Kinney in Venice can be a madhouse and parking nightmare, but everything turns zen upon entrance to the lovely garden of Jin Patisserie.

The tea selection is epic, but I chose the most popular green tea, 1842, for my tea service. A delicate tea flavored with almonds, rose, lime, and orange blossom.  I had to remind myself while drinking that there were no refills and to savor every tiny sip. The good news is that Jin's water is wonderful and spa like, flavored with cucumbers, melons and/or strawberries (with free refills).

 1842 Green Tea

The pastry selection with the high tea service includes Jin's signature cakes as well as scones, egg salad finger sandwiches, mini quiches, and chocolates. The most exciting aspect of high tea for me is diving into a scone with clotted cream and jam. Jin's version of scones was more of a fluffy orange biscuit than a scone, which was a little disappointing but still a very nice piece of baked good. The egg salad sandwich was rich, layered with extra spreads of butter.

The spread

The cakes were all delightful and fresh. Being a hot summer afternoon and in the mood for something tropical, the mango cake was my favorite. I avoided the banana cake underneath the chocolate since I can't stand anything banana flavored, especially banana breads and cakes.

Cute cakes

Fiona eyed her favorite seasonal Jin cake: The Spring Bouquet, so we ordered one to share with our tea. The chewy meringue wrapped around rich cream mixed with juicy strawberry and mangoes was luscious without being overbearing. A perfect way to end a ladies (or men secure in their masculinity) high tea noshing.

Spring in the summer

Read Dishing Up Delight's review here.

1202 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291


Diana said...

TALF, your pictures are amazing!!! Seriously, best yet. I want to eat everything.

Then again, I always want to eat everything. ;)

gourmetpigs said...

Mm spring bouquet ... Glad we got to go together before you left! And we have to try a different place when you come visit. You ARE coming to visit, right?

Esi said...

Such a nice afternoon!! I would be willing to go back to Jin when you come visit :)

Foodjunkie said...

I love high tea, although I prefer the savoury goodies to the sweet ones!

Joyti said...

Oo, the high tea sounds - AND LOOKS - magical! I love all the tiny treats, and the tea sounds delicious (too bad about the refills cup would never cut it for me)....
p.s. regarding your comment...I bet an olive oil shortbread would be good. Might need to use an egg to help bind it though?

stuffycheaks said...

I just can't resist a plate that has that many miniature bites. Do they serve mimosas there?? Wait.. you don't like bananas??? Where does your blog name come from??

SouthBayGuy said...

A friend took me to the Huntington Tea this spring. Very interesting. The tea and food were good. The estrogen level was a little high, but still manageable. Some other friends want to go to BH for high tea. I may just have to do that.

As always, your photos are awesome.

Helen said...

It's time to go to sleep and I just read your post about tea and desserts and now I'm searching my kitchen cupboard for a sweet snack to satiate my sweet tooth. This spread looks awesome! The tea sounds incredible too! I'm a tea drinker, so this is right up my alley :)

Banana Wonder said...

Diana - Aw, thanks TALF. We missed you there for sure, maybe we'll find a new tea hot spot.

Fiona - So glad you suggested the spring bouquet. I wish I had some NOW. Coming back for sure - I will holler!

Esi - Or a new tea hot spot? Or watermelon bombs at your place? lol

Foodjunkie - I am with you on the savory goodies.

Indie.Tea -Yeah, I am with you on the one cup (dis)wonder. Thanks for the advice about the olive oil shortbread.

Stuffycheaks - yap, no banana business for me. Coincidentally, my name rhymes with banana and this is a food blog, so what they heck!?

SouthBayGuy - You are secure in your masculinity. Bravo!

Helen - LOL. I hope you found something delicious in there :) Maybe some leftover olive oil cake?

H. C. said...

Oooh the Spring Bouquet is one of my faves too, does that make me a manly man now?

It's been a while since I've done tea @ Jin, but def. one of my favorite ones on the Westside.

Gastronomer said...

Woot woot for the spring bouquet! That cake is so great! Can't believe you wanted to match clothes with your mama. Hilarious!

Banana Wonder said...

H.C. You are super secure in your masculinity! bravo to you!

Gastronomer - That cake is awesome. And yes, didn't you want to match with your mama?

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