Monday, August 9, 2010

Empanada Soulmate Search II: Rincon Argentino, Glendale

BTW, closed Mondays :(

I have been eating the empanadas and sandwich de migas from Rincon Argentino for nearly a decade. My Greek-Argentinian relatives swear by this place. They won't go anywhere else, not like they have a large selection of Argentinian markets in East Los Angeles to choose from, but Rincon Argentino is truly a hole-in-the-wall miracle strip mall-ish type market complete with mini bakery, deli and butcher. Rincon does not have a menu besides the one below, but they do take phone-in orders. No seating inside as there is already barely any place to move.

A full range of Argentinian style pan dulces are available.

As well as my favorite sandwich de migas, membrillo, and Argentinian meats and cheeses. And the sandwich de migas? It's like a glorified English tea party. Layers of white crust less wonder bread with a surprise in each layer (jamon, roasted peppers, cheese) stacked up to form a loaf shape. It's all fun and dandy eating these, because you can pick which layer you want to eat. 

carnivore/omnivore/herbivore friendly

I especially love the soda case. Want Sprite or even just a bottle of water? Too bad.

Want purple corn drink? You're in luck!

On a recent visit, I tried the diet yerba mate soda. It had the typical pungent, earthy taste of mate but with a sweet effervescence. Not only was my thirst quenched but my arteries were throbbing. I don't recommend this drink if you're about to sit in traffic for an hour.

The empanadas ($1.20 a piece) are made with care - edges sealed by hand in a half moon. The dough is slightly chewy, and of course they are baked. Fried empanadas are trashy! Fillings are generous - there is usually no extra air space in the empanadas as they are packed in with spinach, meat, cheese, etc. The fillings are authentic like the criolles. The prices are extremely reasonable - and they also make mini empanadas for parties.

I always get the spinach: it not only has spinach, but a mild white cheese and chunks of hard boiled egg. And that's how they do it. With chunks of hard boiled egg in everything. That's how my Aunt Mary makes them, che.

Empanada porn

The chicken version has large pieces of green olives while the beef is the most traditional Criolla I've come across in LA with bits of hard boiled egg and raisins. Another favorite of mine is the corn and white cheese empanada if I'm in the mood for something mild.

Rincon Argentino
1375 E Colorado Blvd
Glendale, CA 91205


weezermonkey said...

My husband is cuckoo for yerba mate. Me? Not so much.

But you are making me cuckoo with all these empanada posts!

Diana said...

Ohhh that's some fine looking empanada porn. Going to need to go get me some of that. Well, except for the chicken and olive one. You know how I feel about those putrid suckers. ;)

oddlyme said...

Wait. That's by my house! And I've driven by so many times thinking it was just a meat market.

Huge mistake.

I need to go there and get some empanadas!

Banana Wonder said...

Wezzermonkey - I don't blame you, it might make you cuckoo :)

Diana - Hah, putrid, really? Ouch! You and Danny have so much hate!

Oddlyme - Did you get some? Oh, you are so lucky!

stuffycheaks said...

EMPANADAS love love! I have never had a corn empanada before, have to try. And BTW, agreed on baked over fried. that way i wont feel as guilty and can have more empanadas!

Banana Wonder said...

Stuffycheaks - please go eat a corn empanada for me! I think you're gonna love it :)

Kung Food Panda said...

You've became quite an empanada fiend!

Banana Wonder said...

Danny - YAp!

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