Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oatmeal Wheat Germ Bran Chocolate Chip Cookies, to name a few: Specialty's Cafe & Bakery, Westwood

 As promised in subject title

Being a lover of all things from the oven I was more than happy to attend Specialty's Cafe + Bakery Launch party at their recently opened location in Westwood. The newly opened and Japanese-like in efficient technology (mobile ordering, cookie radar alerts, etc) and made from scratch every day equipped with a full Peet's coffee bar joint located in a corporate tower (to be easily accessed by busy white-collared worker bees) called my name as soon as I stepped in with this:

Things that make me hot and bothered

I eyed the classics like freshly made Cinnamon Rolls, wondering if this was my breakfast destiny.

I sampled some of the spiced buttery dough goodness of the Cinnamon Sugar Morning Buns, a fancier version of the cinnamon toast I used to eat growing up.

Cinnamon Toast in a Bun form

Being a muffin lover, I shared the Yogurt Cranberry Muffin with the Mathlete. The thought of tartness from both the cranberries and yogurt intrigued me, however I was slightly let down by the overall dryness of the baked batter. Good thing I had a large Peet's coffee to wet my whistle.

A great way to drink more coffee

We split the Roasted Vegetable Mini-Quiche which proved to be a cute, compact and a highly tasty cheesy egg blast. We both could have eaten another one, that's how small good they were.

Mini-Quiche, Small Enough Not to Share

We also shared the Black + White Cookie which was a little too sweet for my taste buds in the morning, but no doubt would rev me up in the afternoon with some more Peet's coffee. Lots of large white chunks of chocolate involved. I preferred the scone-like nutty and obviously more wholesome Oatmeal Wheat Germ Bran Chocolate Chip Cookie (which I had for breakfast the next day).

Chocolate Blasts in your Cranium

The Mathlete got a loaf of the Sesame Sourdough ($3.75) to take home which we couldn't help but eat while inside the store with some butter. The thick slices were ridiculously soft with a hearty crust. The sourdough was definitely a milder version, almost tasting a bit sweet. I am curious about their other breads including the Potato Poppy Seed and Herb, but that will have to wait for my next visit.
Bread to go!

11150 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025


stuffycheaks said...

wow, look at those cookie selections. This is too dangerous to have a bakery in my neighborhood! thanks for sharing

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What an awesome place! Like you, I loove all baked goods. A gorgeous selection of yummy treats!



tobias kocht! said...

What a great bakery. I wish i had something like that her.

Banana Wonder said...

Stuffycheaks - hah yeah, I am curious to try the cookie selections, you will have to fill in the blanks for me!

Rosa - Baked good lovers unite!

Tobias - Ah, yeah and I wish I had a few fournos here. Good thing for blogs.

Ruth Abatzoglou said...

Oatmeal and Wheat Germ never looked so good... yum yum!

Unknown said...

Warm cookie radar????

Banana Wonder said...

Mom - I think even John would eat these cookies!

Cupcakes Gr- It's for whenever there are hot cookies from the oven :)

Esi said...

Perfect. This is right by my gym. I can work out, then go have cookies and other sweets!

Unknown said...

This makes my mouth water. I moved away from San Francisco and there are no Specialty's within 500 miles. I miss them!

Banana Wonder said...

Esi - At least if you get the wheat germ cookie you'll be adding some kind of nutritional value to your post work out pump.

Jacquii - I moved away from Specialty's too and now that you mentioned it, I'm craving one of those "healthy" cookies...