Monday, July 12, 2010

Champagne and Nude Model Sketching: ArtWorks, Larchmont Village

"It's a drawing party" I T9-ed in a text to my friend, Trisha.

Then erased it, picking up the phone and leaving a voice message about the drawing party, happening at the Art Works Studio every Wednesday in Larchmont Village.

Champagne, Larchmont Larder dinner and a (live) male nude model were too much to explain in text form.

It was also too much to explain to my boyfriend, telling him I had a girl party, i.e. no boys allowed to go to Wednesday night.

Trisha and I giggled as we walked into the studio on the corner of Larchmont and Melrose just past 7 PM.

We giggled as we sat down at an artistic table scape joined by six other delightful women.

We giggled as we took a few sips of champagne, bonding in giddiness with the other ladies at our table, including the brilliant and ultra creative owner of ArtWorks, Cyndi Finkle, who graciously invited me and a friend (Trisha) to the party.
Champagning and Noshing: a great way to get the party started.

The Art Works studio is very inviting with a Zen/Spa like quality to it, with free flowing cucumber water, fresh fruit offered in multiple areas of the space, and cool details everywhere that caught my eye. 

It was time to start our masterpieces, so we each selected an easel surrounding the "catwalk" where the model would be. 

I was a little scared. 

I didn't think I could sketch a live nude. I figured it was something reserved solely for art majors. The nervous (but in a good way) giggling continued. 

After a quick lesson in charcoals and rubber-eraser mechanics, the model waltzed in and we began our first set of three poses for the night. Since I haven't taken an official drawing class in 15 years, it was great to have a relaxed instructor giving feedback and help as we sketched (and sipped pinot grigio and continued to giggle). I started to relax and sketch.  

There is nothing to be scared about. What was I thinking?

Weeee! My first nude sketch! 

Trisha's first sketch, Bravo!

After each sketch, our works of art were hung on the wall as we moved on to our next pose. It was all too much fun, that is why, Cyndi explained, there have been many a memorable bachelorette party/65th birthday party/Girl party at the Studio. It's perfect and it's brilliant.

By the third pose, all of our drawings had improved dramatically. It was a magnificent party, not only were we having loads of fun, but also doing something some creative.

Pose #3: The Merman

 The model came out afterward to check out the artwork.

After three glorious hours, my belly was full of gourmet food, thirst was quenched (with champagne, chilled white wine and cucumber water) and my creative soul was nourished leaving me feeling very happy. The giggles, however, still continued as our drawings were rolled up and handed to us as a party souvenir. 

More information on the drawing party can be found: here

ArtWorks Studio
660 N. Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90004


stuffycheaks said...

did thh model really pose by standing with one leg lifted? hahah too funny. I think I would be blushing the whole time

Monique@She's Going The Distance said...

Wow!! That looks really awesome :) I love random things like that!!

Also, it IS super difficult for me to explain girl time to my bf too :) Even if we're just going out for drinks haha.

Awesome blog!!

Helen said...

This is awesome Anna! You did a great job on your drawing! This reminded me of my art college days. My first year of art school, I too, was embarrassed by the whole concept of drawing a nude person but by the end of that year I didn't care at all. I have kept many of my nude figure drawings, some I have framed and others are still rolled up.

Diana said...

I'm with Stephanie - just reading that post made me blush! But glad you had a good time! Loving that first photog on the page btw... you're getting quite the eye!

Diana said...

I'm with Stephanie - just reading that post made me blush! But glad you had a good time! Loving that first photog on the page btw... you're getting quite the eye!

SouthBayGuy said...

Mz A,

You really need to remember to a NSFW label to your, umm, more interesting blogs.

Still, awesome drawing. I wish I could draw half that good.

Peter G said...

Well, this is the most interesting food post I've seen in ages. I think it's a great concept. Dinner, wine and drawing! I'm just not sure if I could handle chorizo being on the menu!

sophia said...

whoa, girl!!! You're brave. I would have been blushing and giggling like a school girl! As much as I'm an "adult now, I still can't handle things like nudity...but it seems like you've had fun! Figures are hard to draw, but I think you did a great job! :-)

Banana Wonder said...

Stuffycheaks - hah, yeah it does look like one leg up! Actually he was on a stool.

Monique - Hi! Thanks for visiting. Random stuff is always awesome :) I offered to sketch my bf but he said noooo way ;)

Helen - Thank you! How cool you were an art major - I bet your stuff is really good.

Diana - Ah, thanks :) Yeah, I was blushing too. That makes three red faces.

SouthBay Guy - Still trying to figure out what NSFW means...?

Peter - Chorizo is a fantastic idea! I will have to pass it on to the owner, nothing like some spicy sausage to get the creative juices flowing.

Sophia - Hah that makes four blushing food bloggers (for next time)?

Esi said...

Ummm...what?! Haha

Banana Wonder said...

Esi - Uhm.... yes ;)

SouthBayGuy said...

NSFW - Not Safe For Work - (LOL)

Banana Wonder said...

SouthBayGuy ---ooooooh :)

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