Friday, July 23, 2010

Best Mocha Ever: Caribou Coffee, Minneapolis

Caribou Coffee is decidedly the Coffee Bean of the Mid West (along with several locations in the Middle East and a few stores in Korea). I was stuck a few hours in the Minneapolis airport and in need of some serious java juice. Perhaps it was the feeling of being stuck in airport captivity that made me go frou frou and order the dark chocolate mocha despite being a die hard cappuccino drinker, but whatever it was, I am glad I did. It was dark, bold, creamy and crowned with mini dark chocolate chips.The best mocha I've ever had in my 16 years of coffee drinking.

Good to the last drop.

Maybe you've seen their awful granola bars in the super market? Not to be confused with their awesome coffees.

Cool napkins too!

Caribou Coffee
In 15 US States, the Middle East, and Korea


weezermonkey said...

I've had Caribou Coffee! I didn't have the mocha, though. Your pic of "good to the last drop" made me smile. :)

Diana said...

I remember seeing the Caribou Coffee when I was at the Minneapolis airport in April! Didn't stop though. Fists in the air! Next time. Which would be in... oh three years?

Banana Wonder said...

Weezermonkey - The guy sitting next to me was definitely giving me weird looks for taking pictures of the inside of an empty coffee cup. :P So, thanks!

Diana - That should be around the time just after you have your next hamburger?

Anonymous said...

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