Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Happens After Siesta in Greece If You're Lucky: Despina Patisserie, Athens

Mille Feuille from Despina.

Yes, a French pastry from a Greek zaharoplastio (sugar shop aka Patisserie).

My favorite dessert in the whole wide world. No exceptions. A thousand layers of pastry leaves, cream pâtissière, fresh whipped cream, powdered sugar and if you're having Despina's version, expect almonds.

And believe me, I've tried to find replacements; wandering through various French bakeries in Little Saigon, passing on many a warm chocolate dessert to take my chances on a "Napoleon" and even experimenting with other Mille Fueilles in Greece all of the above resulting in sub par status to Despina's Mille Feuille.

On my last visit to Greece, I continued to yap in my dear Aunt Mary's ear about how we had to get Mille Feuille from Despina. She kept stalling. Partly because she thinks I eat way too many sweets and not enough meat. Finally she succumbed to my desperate requests and we stopped by our Filothei's Despina.

"It takes time -" she harked as we walked in to the small shop.

And she's right. Despina makes their Mille Feuilles to order so the delicate pastry stays crisp and the powder sugar on top doesn't turn into a soppy sugar ooze.

It takes precession. And the Sergeant lady at the counter was not about to let us off the hook that easy:

What time will you eat this? (Making sure we'd eat it (all) on the same day, if not right away)
Do not store in the refrigerator as it will turn soggy - store in a cool outside area until consumption.

I couldn't erase the serial killer smile on my face as we walked away with our Despina box.

I couldn't sleep during siesta either - I got up early; made myself a huge cup of Greek Coffee and cracked open the magical Despina Box strategically placed on the caged balcony for the last 3 hours.

The secret is out.

Rich vanilla cream, crispy thin pastry layers, fluffy fresh whipped cream, powdered sugar and almond bits. This is heaven! And the best dessert (and Mille Feuille on the planet!)

(creepy serial killer smile)

The finer things in life = Greek Coffee + Despina's Mille Feuille

Despina Patisserie
various locations throughout Athens, Greece


H. C. said...

Sounds divine; uber-flaky pastries are the best and even worth all the eating space cleanup I have to do afterwards, given my general clumsiness handling & eating these lovely, crispity things!

Gastronomer said...

Oh, Anna! That Mille Feuille looks so damn good! I hope to make it back to Athens to try it someday. What a find!

Peter M said...

Ahhh, diving into the window display of the zaxaroplasteio...looking forward to a mille feuille and other delights soon!

Diana said...

Gaaaah! I think this could make an excellent wedding cake for a Greek woman. And for a non Greek woman. I could swing it. Oh yes I could!

Banana Wonder said...

H.C. - Yup! It always looks like the tasmanian devil was paying a visit.

Gastronomer - Greece for honeymoon II?? I hope so! I might crash it ;)

Peter - Beyond jealous :)

Diana - This would TOTALLY be my wedding cake, French, Greek, New Portbeacher or whoever you may be :)

TasteFULL said...

I totally agree! the perfect time to enjoy a "glyko" is after siesta, along with a double sized cup of greek coffee. I won't resist! I'm on my way to buy a piece of mille feuille from Despina which is actually a piece de merveille!!!
Thank you Anna :)

Banana Wonder said...

TasteFull: I am *so* jealous. You'll have to tell me how it was :) Enjoy!

Oishii Eats said...

Ohmygosh...that Mille Feuille looks so delicious!!! I won't be able to make to Greece anytime soon, are there any spots in LA that will hold me over?

Banana Wonder said...

Oishii - I got a few tips about some Armenian bakeries in Glendale that I will check out. Until then, Despina wins!