Sunday, June 27, 2010

How I Became Obsessed with Mango Sticky Rice: Nakkara, Los Angeles

Allow me to introduce you to my new obsession: Mango Sticky Rice (and you thought it was candle bearing bald guys, huh).

What do two tall lady friends do after eating cookies all afternoon? They go to Nakkara and eat more sweets by way of mango sticky rice. Because Diana of Diana Takes a Bite, measuring in at 5'11" and myself a six footer, wanted to eat something on the lighter side. In other words, x-nay on the lamb chops and bacon wrapped dates we'd both consumed the night before, as I could hear my dear arteries chanting We're not worthy in the background, and this time they really meant it. I tried my best at persuading D Takes a B to hit up the B rated Pailin Thai on grungy Hollywood as she did her best to sway me over to the 200% sanitized Nakkara on the Beverly side. Mango Sticky Rice and I are glad Diana won.

We started off with Shu Mai ($7), succulent dumplings stuffed with minced chicken, crab and shrimp  sprinkled with gregarious amounts of roasted garlic with a hoisin-soy sauce that we both splashed ourselves with due to awkward 2-bite stuffed-but-ready-to-spill-out chopstick bearing edibles. It really just makes you hungrier.

Shu Mai some Certs, that's a lot of garlic!

 Next we took a walk on the zen side with the Buddha Salad ($9), a lovely array of fun salad-bar type toppings without that weird salad bar taste. Loved the gingery peanut sauce, but I took too many shredded carrots, warranting the evil eye from D Takes A B (she's really a super nice person).

Tall Lady and Buddha Approved

 We amicably debated the main entrees with me throwing up the idea of an eggplant dish and Diana throwing it down with an "I'm not really into eggplant" objection but our waiter referee gave the purple fruit a free kick in my corner. It was this very same purple fruit, Spiced Eggplant ($9) with chicken, Japanese eggplant, fresh peppers and basil that Diana ended up BFFing.

A great objection handler

While I BFFed the Mahatama Curry ($9) with mixed veggies and soft tofu in robustly spiced red curry sauce. The heat was on in this dish and I loved the red curry soaked up by the brown rice we had on the side.
Nice spice

This was Diana's 3rd times a charm at Nakkara and the Mango Sticky Rice made do-over, do-over status. After all the sweets I had consumed during the day I wasn't so keen I'd enjoy this dessert like I normally would. Not! It was pure buttery, refreshing, tropical delight. It was one of the best desserts I'd had all year. And it was rice, not some butter based pastry dough? Mango sticky rice won me over and has become my BFF dessert. Now I need to find more! Any suggestions for Mango Sticky Rice?

Nakkara on Beverly
7669 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 937-3100            


Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul said...

I totally understand your obsession with mango sticky rice. I always try to have it when visiting Thailand...and I crave it all the time. I've tried making it at home with mixed results. I believe the trick is to steam your rice grains before adding the sugar syrup...

weezermonkey said...

Don't you guys know anything? "B" stands for "berry berry good."

It also means "better real Asian food."

Try Ruen Pair!

But, if you must do "sanitized," you can get a nice version at Daisy Mint, too.

Kung Food Panda said...

First, I'll say there's nothing wrong with B rated places. In fact, I actually love C rated places even more! :)

I enjoyed my dinner at Nakkara and I'm glad you and D did as well. The mango sticky rice was one of the better version I've had.

Ivy said...

Mango Sticky rice does sound delicious. I just google searched it and it's also so easy to make. The only problem is to get some Thai Sweet Rice.

Maria said...

I've always wanted to try this but have yet to do so. Everything you girls had looks pretty scrumptious to me.

Diana said...

I'm 5'10 1/2'', not 5'11''.

You can't see it, but I'm giving you the stink eye over that one. ;)

Fun times, still need to try recreating the mango sticky rice at home!

Unknown said...

And another entry that leaves me famished and wanting to try some for myself. Wow, that looks amazing!

H. C. said...

I'm sure you can easily whip up your own mango sticky rice at home -- just some gluttonous rice, sugar, coconut milk and maybe a wee bit of salt -- topped off with mangoes and voila! (the sweet coconutty sticky rice is also great for making "dessert sushi")

Banana Wonder said...

Peter - You are lucky to have tried the real thing! I will keep that in mind about steaming the rice first. Thanks.

Weezermonkey - "B" also stands for better! I will check out Ruen Pair next time I'm in Thai Town. I have always seen it.

Kung Food - I have yet to attempt a "C" rated place but I am more than ready to! Now if we can only blindfold DTAB...

Ivy - It does look easy to make but I have found many different versions and don't know where to start! Do you not have the gluttonous rice in Cypress? Maybe I can send you some?!

Maria - I want to try making it to. It seems like a lot of Greek bloggers want to make Mango Sticky Rice..hahah

Diana - Ok fine then, I am really 5'11 3/4. So I made us out to be Amazons, yaya. Got to make that brekkie rice!

Shells - Yes! Especially the mango sticky rice. I hear Daisy Mint has a version they make per request (not on menu)

H.C. - You make it sound so easy!

Anonymous said...

ditto whatever HC said. You can get this at basically every single Thai restaurant in Thai town, perhaps just not at Pailin ;)

Esi said...

I think Diana is obsessed with Nakkara. Looks like she made you a convert too!

Banana Wonder said...

Sinosoul - What about mango sticky rice ice cream? Yes?

Esi - Yes, she converted me!