Saturday, June 12, 2010

Greece loses but Olive Oil Cake Smackdown Winner Emerges

Depresso: Greece lost its first World Cup game to Korea 0-2 early this morning
This is Greece's first World Cup appearance since 1994.

The good news is the winning recipe of the Eat My Blog Olive Oil Cake Smackdown is as follows:

1. I got wind on twitter that someone would be making something rosemary so I scratched Mario Batali's Fresh Rosemary and Olive Oil Cake. Plus it turned out super dry and overly eggy tasting despite my neighbor giving me the Blue Ribbon nod for trimming his bush. Additionally I didn't want the rosemary to interfere with the high quality 200% organic-from-ancient-olive-trees olive oil sent from Mytileni (especially after all the shipping drama):

2. My friend in Greece sends me a case of olive oil from Mytileni. It wasn't easy: he went to a post office in Athens getting his shipment rejected with the excuse:
"You must hire a carpenter to make a wooden box for this shipment before we mail it to the States..."

So he complies after several skype therapy sessions about why everything in Greece is so complicated.

I get a message from the post office that a package has arrived so I happily hop-skip-jump to my local mailing center. They give me serious s%^& for this suspicious package, telling me

"It better not be oil because that's illegal! They should have known better in Greece..."

I nod mumbling something about it "just being water," sign all acceptance paperwork and hurriedly run out clutching my golden bounty.

I get home, grab a huge knife, and begin sawing away at the old school tweed packing rope to find the following:

 "Why did they make me put it in a wooden crate if they were gonna throw it like a F@#$% basketball anyway?!"

Three broken bottles. No problem. I clean off the remaining 9 sexy bottles:

The other case my friend sent ended up getting sent back (although only 1 bottle broke). Go figure.

So this is why I want the true olive oil to shine through. Because I am not using some crap olive oil from Albertsons.

3. The final test was between Cat Cora's recipe and someone in North Dakota's recipe
Here are the votes:

Cat Cora:  Significant (m)Other, Little Brother, Jenny = 3
North Dakota: Sis-in-law, Dad, Uncle George, Aunt Edna, Mathlete, Kat, Me =7
(My grandpa voted for both but he regularly eats moldy bread so his vote does not count.) recipe by Someone in North Dakota WINS!


Gastronomer said...

How wonderfully random! Can't wait to taste in T minus 7 days.

Ivy said...

Hi Anna. Thanks for sending my your link. I think I have visited here in the past but I have definitely seen you over other blogs. I will now add you to my google reader and blogroll, so I'll know where to find you in the future.
I don't know about Mario Batalis' recipe but olive oil cake is fantastic. You now know why they insisted on a wooden box. Imagine if all those bottles broke during transportation :)

Peter M said...

The case of olive oil,,,ummm - nice bit of swag you got there. You'll have fun using this Green Gold in t he kitchen.

yutjangsah said...

Ok ur gramps n i need 2 hang n eat moldy bread together. We share the same discerning palate. Cant wait 2 taste ur fancy schmancy olive oil cake!

SinoSoul said...

so sorry to hear about the olive oil bottles Anna.

Seriously, the packaging needs to be about 300% better better. Each bottle, if shipped thru FedEx/Poste service, needs to be wrapped in paper/plastic/or bubble, then individually boxed, then inserted into out container. Wooden box isn't required anywhere in the world (except for perhaps Greece), and a strong cardboard box would've sufficed.

Oil is also considered hazardous by US Postal since it can ignite in transit... What a PAIN.

Banana Wonder said...

Gastronomer - Yah random, but the cake is good! Can't wait for EMB!

Ivy - Thanks for visiting!I love your recipes and Cypriot flavor. The good thing about the bottles breaking is that the whole room was perfumed by rich olive oil :)

Peter - Any good olive oil recipes?

Sook - I will tell gramps he's got a moldy bread compadre. He may ask you to fish pieces out of the trash even!

Sinosoul - yes, they told me the oil is flammable. I would have though each bottle should be wrapped in bubble wrap but they said just to put it all in a wooden box and everything would be fine! hah go figure. I think it's a Greek thing.

Anonymous said...

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